When good news brings bad mood


Even more embarrassing is that these troubles are very Difficult to talk to friends, who will take care of your complaints? Unless you want to behave like a spoiled property heir, or if you don’t feel lucky for your friend, you feel right.

God is also unavoidably puzzled: Is humanity too fragile? There is pressure on you when you are hit. When your dreams come true, you still have pressure. What do you want in the end?

Fear of falling from the sky

We often use the phrase “There is no pie in the sky” to motivate our diligence, but sometimes we are looking forward to seeing what the heaven can really do. Drop a big pie and just hit yourself. Spending 2 yuan to win 1 million yuan can be described as a windfall, but winners can’t experience the happiness brought by money forever. They will find that relatives began to lend money to him. A friend’s party starts to get him to dinner. Everyone thought that the money was easy, and he expected him to be generous. At the same time, his own heart has also been confused by this unexpected financial loss. It is calculated every day, looking for possible investment projects, analyzing its returns, trying to increase revenue as much as possible, and worrying about losing the book. gold.

One day, he suddenly thought: What’s wrong with me? Isn’t it my grand prize? How many people do not have this luck yet!

Clinical psychologists believe that change itself is accompanied by pressure because people are prone to fear of the unknowns brought about by changes. Even if the change comes from a good thing, it means that you will have to give up what you get. For example, when you are finally granted a visa after being denied three times, you have to say goodbye to love and affection. When the company cuts employees and you are spared, you will lose the familiar partner and work mode. feel disappointed.


Fantasy about reality ≠Realism

Only waiting for the dream to be true When it is true, we will suddenly understand the huge difference between fantasy and reality. “When a good thing only stays in the imagination stage, you always look forward to its beautiful side. Once it becomes a reality, you have to face the positive and negative sides of a good thing. Who says good things are 360 ​​degrees? You don’t understand anything. Is it both pros and cons?” – When TRICH read the frank advice posted by the netizen, she had been harassed for more than two months by the best employee of the selected company. The prize was to ask her to bring one. The family members travel freely to Germany. Everyone thinks this is a rare and beautiful thing. TRICH clearly believes that it is a hot potato. The winner of the year-end prize should be a perfect angel. There can be no complaints about the work. To the customer must be thoughtful and thoughtful. TRICH begins to demand oneself, and even irrepressibly thinks, “Who didn’t choose me? Why? Why am I? Didn’t it work well?”

That’s it. The pressure from good things deprives us of the satisfaction and pleasure that we should have had when we caught up with good things.