Draw yourself the ugliest

Sabenzul is a contemporary Turkish super rich whose estates and industries cover most of the country.

However, this rich man has a puzzling quirk. He feeds a group of the best cartoonists in Turkey. In a luxurious lobby, he lets the cartoonists do whatever they want to draw his Saturnian comics. Whoever draws the ugliest Sabine Zhe can get a great deal. A bonus. As a result, every ugly part of Sabenche’s is magnified and exaggerated indefinitely. This group of cartoonists pondering all day, excavating Sabine’s “bright spots” and even a small skeleton, have all evolved into crows’ spare time. Sabunzah lingers in the hall. Enjoy one by one. He was very happy. He saw the different himself before wine, flowers, applause and praise.

The public does not understand that some people may say that Sa Benzhe is very different. Some people say that Sabine Zang may be funny. Some people may say that Sabine Zhe has a good sense of humor. Some people may say that Sa Benzhe likes the truth. Some people say that Sa Benzhe is punishing himself.


However, I think Sabenzhe is doing a kind of mental gymnastics. The super-rich had one child and one daughter. Unfortunately, both children have mental handicap. The truth of reality is always cruel and cruel. The hardships of life mean that you choose – those choices you don’t want to make.

Paint the ugliest person and accept it little by little. If you see the ugliest of yourself, you are still happy. It means that you have successfully trained yourself to fall in love with the shortcomings of life. Yes, it is ugly, but you must love it. The breadth of life is in accepting facts that would rather die than accept.

(Internship Editor: Li Xianhong)