Self-deprecating, will you?

I have a friend who has had his hair off early and looks older than 10 years old. Whenever someone wrongly guessed his age, he was tolerant and smiled: “There is nothing. You are not the first one. Didn’t someone say that? The lively road is not long grass. The smart head is not long hair!” With tolerance, it is very rare.

 Self-ridiculing is one of self-confidence and self-confidence. Only confident people dare to laugh at themselves because he knows that self-mockery will not affect his state of mind and his impression in others. Haley Fosstian once said: “The golden rule of laughter is to laugh at yourself, no matter what you want to laugh at.”

British writer Jesta is a big fat man, because of obesity, Caused him to move inconveniently. On one occasion he said to his friend: “I am a man three times more cordial than others. Whenever I make a seat on the bus, it is enough for the three ladies to sit down.”

This is a kind of Self-mockery. This relaxed and self-deprecating, creating a relaxed and happy humor, at the same time shows the high self-confidence of Jesta East.

When we encounter an embarrassing situation, if we can properly use the self-deprecating way to create a humorous atmosphere, not only can we effectively get rid of our embarrassing situation, but also can give the other person an easy experience and Get the other person’s goodwill, so that the atmosphere becomes more harmonious, more conducive to achieving the purpose of communication.


After Ronald assumed the presidency of the United States, he went to Canada for a state visit. At the beginning of the speech, Reagan’s speech was constantly interrupted by the shouting and martyrdom of the anti-American demonstrators. Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau was very puzzled by this situation, but Reagan smiled and said to him: “This kind of thing has happened in the United States. I think these people must have come from the United States to your country. They wanted to make me feel at home, “Trueto said with a smile on his face, and Reagan got rid of his embarrassing situation. When the crowd at the scene heard Reagan, it was quiet.

Zhang Daqian, the famous master of Chinese painting, once said to Mei Lanfang at the banquet: “Mr. Mei, you are a gentleman – move; I am a villain – hands-on.” Here, Zhang Daqian according to himself The characteristics of his work, self-deprecating himself as a “little person”, suddenly activated the atmosphere of the banquet.

(Internship Editor: Zhao Xiaoting)