You can’t be so boring

There is a Birds fly all day long. When they are tired, they sleep in the wind. Only when they die can they rest in the ground. This stupid bird appeared in a famous line of the famous Forrest Gump.

That’s right. Maybe it’s you. If the work is busy all day long and busy with stress and tired to death, after work, non-stop to go home to accompany his wife, the time error is controlled within 10 minutes, listening to the concert to see the opera is to accompany his wife, when friends are missing three times Never think of you, my mind was in the past few years is the room, car, the children of the past few years, never imagined to change a method of living?

Speak straight: the ordinary life will destroy you while accomplishing you. Success in your career is followed by daily upwards, and in that lousy “style”, middle class is synonymous with boring. Behave routinely and live for fear of having a weed in your lawn. Arrange life like a program, then fix bugs and run them strictly.

This reality is made up of trivial affairs. It is not poetic at all. Therefore, Bao Hao and Bao Yu took a career in economics. Er Ye and his elderly people were bothered and anxious with other girls. This mediocre life makes it easy for you to become mediocre. “A chicken” in Kobayashi depressed thought, his wife this man, the original squatting also quite temperament, how is it so vulgar and boring? Maybe we can’t blame anyone, who told us to eat rice in this world. But we can think of some ways to isolate ourselves. There are many methods of isolation. As long as there is isolation, even if you bend on the banks of the Yongding River, you are not less exposed than the sun in the Caribbean.


So, when it comes to a night, find a bar and make some friends – I didn’t know before, today. Knowing friends – friends, blindly medicine, not too much, can cure boring.

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(Internship) Editor: Chen Dingjun)