Do you know which constellation is prone to depression?

In ancient Greece, human temperament was divided into four categories: sanguni, choleric, phlegmatic, and melancholy. The classification of constellations is closely related to this. Fire elements (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius) and gas elements (Gemini, Scorpio, and Aquarius) belong to the positive constellation. They are multi-blood and biliary and non-depressive. The negative constellations belonging to the elements of earth and water all have the potential for depression, mucus, and melancholia. The three constellations that are dominated by earth elements (Capricorn, Virgo, Taurus) are all melancholic.

Soil is a brown element with shape, weight, and quality. Earth is the safest place for soil. Earth symbolizes reality. Usually these three constellations are the best realists in reality. They are the best performers in society. However, too much emphasis on reality will fall into concrete and complicated details, leading to lack of illusions and lack of optimism about the future. Therefore, when the reality is unsatisfactory or unsatisfactory, it is difficult to surpass the specific things and problems and it is easy to fall into depression.

The element of fire corresponding to the earth symbolizes light and warmth. The fire is not material and has no shape. Only when it burns upward can the fire exist. Therefore, Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius, who are dominated by fire elements, are people who live in the future. People who are full of confidence and hope for the future are relatively optimistic. Water is fluid, changeless, shapeless, and quality. Water changes with its carrier. It is round in a round bottle, square in a square bottle, and water is passive. Water symbolizes feelings and sensitivity. Fluctuations, changes. The constellations Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces belong to the constellation of mucus. Here, we ignore the seats and interactions of individual moons, Venus, Mercury, and other planets. We only take the constellation temperament as an example. In Capricorn, Virgo, and Taurus, which are dominated by earth elements, Capricorn’s melancholic temperament comes first, followed by Virgo. The Taurus, which is ruled by Venus itself, is enjoymentism. When they are not under pressure or frustration, when thinking does not go into a stubborn dead end, they are usually not severely affected by depression.

Melancholy Temperament Capricorn

It is dominated by Saturn, and it is enveloped in an atmosphere of anxiety and insecurity. The sense of responsibility resulting from a strong desire to control is not easy. Capricorn needs to feel the safety of life and everything must be under control. The pessimistic psychological colors usually make them feel insecure. They are not optimistic about anything and they lack confidence in themselves.

The anxiety of the future and the desire for recognition of others make them particularly concerned with material achievements. They will not think like blind optimists like Sagittarius, “There will be bread, and milk will be.” Even if milk bread is available, they will be anxious “there will be no more!” The cheerful sunshine will not be used for a long time in the psychological world of Capricorn, which gives them the name “gloomy capricorn”. Severe desire for control and lack of security make them anxious and uneasy.

However, they usually have great self-control ability, will not let you see the truth of their hearts, show you a steady old, full of majestic superiors. It is this uneasy, anxious, cold inner world that drives their hard-working and selfless work. They must be able to feel a moment of security at their peak. Social achievements, high status, and power allow them to balance their melancholy and anxiety. When they were able to control power, they felt confident. However, this self-confidence continued to be extremely short-lived. They fell into new anxiety and depression. They must forget their melancholy in their hard work. We will soon discover them from successful people.

The most melancholic constellation in the unconscious uses self-medication in hard-working work. It is not surprising that we often find them at the elite level, not in mental hospitals. They are not depressed when their hard-working work is effective, they have the power to dominate others, they have huge bank accounts, and they can control their lives.

Healing good medicine: Although power, money, and achievement are the best medicines, there will always be saturation, and long-term use will also have anti-drug effects. Learn to give up self-prevention, give up skepticism, learn to trust others, break the boundaries of the heart, give up control of desire, self-confidence does not come outside their own things, learn to treat yourself in the leisure.

Followed by Virgo

Virgo’s impetus comes from seeking perfection and clarity, which makes them endlessly improving and never leaving Overkill. Their hearts are also afflicted with insecurity, self-confidence, and imperfections. The inner pressures of self-control and self-doubt make them the most nervous constellations of the zodiac. They are also working diligently and getting into precise details. Exclude the invasion of unconscious deep depression.

We often see them forget about anxiety and anxiety in the busy concrete things. In general, the more difficult the environment and the more work they perform, the more prominent they are. They have extremely high execution capabilities. Not afraid to do badly, I’m afraid there is nothing to do. The tendency of perfectionism makes them typical of criticism (self-criticism, criticism of others), lack of self-confidence and desire to control caused their anxiety and anxiety, but these have become the driving force of their lives, just like Adler’s “Beyond “Inferiority”, the self-abasement is a lot of people’s motivation, in order to surpass inferiority, they become the elite of society.

This is the source of the success of Capricorn and Virgo. Virgo is the most terrible when it has nothing to do. Their smart eyes are not to see the shortcomings of others.To their own imperfections, self-estimation, lack of self-confidence, self-criticism, so that they are nervous, psychological depression. When they are working hard, serving the people, helping others, and striving for excellence, they get a reasonable material achievement. They are not melancholy.

Healing Good Medicine: Learn to create a handicraft, Virgo ingenuity, exquisite attention, enjoy the pleasure of work in the leisure. Learn to relax your nerves, abandon criticalism, learn to blind one eye, close one eye, learn to be confused, and learn to live through, empty the brain, and learn to forget.

The third melancholy temperament is Tianran

The water elements dominated by Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces are all “cold-blooded animals” and belong to the mucus. The melancholy constellation that is close to melancholy qualities. The Scorpio is dominated by the dark Pluto. It can be imagined that this dark night occupied the god of death and has never known what the local government is like. This is why Scorpio looks cold, deep, mysterious and unpredictable. They are not easily fooled by the surface of things. At a glance they see the dark side of things. Usually they are not so optimistically controlled by joyful emotions. Deep in the heart of Scorpio, there is even a mysterious desire to experience joy in pain, which is why Scorpio has a tendency to look for food and self-destruction on a regular basis.

They need to rise in the dark trough. This is their joy of life. This is one of the reasons why they are always so profound. Overjoyed and calm life makes them feel noisy and uneasy. They are reborn and sublimated in times of psychological death. They are their own psychological needs. They feel their own souls in pain. There are few Scorpio who do not believe in the soul. Perhaps it is the soul that makes them look mysterious. The gloomy, dark Scorpio see through human nature, often going to totalitarianism when it comes to politics, just as Scorpio’s American President Roosevelt (not Roosevelt during World War II) famously said: “Hold a big stick and walk gently!” They use their own The melancholy psychology, when exploring the psychology of human nature, is laser-like and profound so that they can capture the most subtle psychological activities and the deepest shadows. When they are deeply loved by their loved ones, have a lot of money, and occupy the dominant position, they are not depressed.

Healing good medicine: deep emotional blending, cleaning the soul again and again, exploring the world of the soul, learning the psychology of Freud and Jung, constantly surpassing oneself, learning to love unselfishly, learning Give up and forget.

Pisces escaping from reality also contains melancholy temperament

This is the most complicated constellation. They have a deep sense of despair and seem to Not eager to come to this planet. When Pisces becomes truly living in reality, it will feel melancholic. The seemingly tired Pisces have extremely sensitive emotional antennas. They themselves lack boundaries and unconsciously enter the world of other people’s feelings. They can experience the pain and grief of others. This makes them extremely vulnerable to others. Emotional effects. Deep in their unconscious, there is a spirit of Christlike self-sacrifice, and a mysterious desire to be a savior who sacrifices himself to save the world, just as Christ was set on the cross to awaken human compassion. They are eager to transcend reality and return to the mother’s mix. This is why Pisces is always confused and half asleep. In this state of sleepwalking, they can feel the eternal state beyond the boundaries of reality. Some Pisces in the alcohol, drugs into fantasy, Pisces must guard against addiction, indulgence, Pisces is the most lack of discipline and control of the constellation. Their best way to eliminate melancholy is to enter the unreal world through art, fantasy, poetry, and music. Many Pisces continue to create romantic love, which is also one of their ways of transcending reality and eliminating melancholy. It’s not difficult to understand why Pisces is the “fish of the many springs.”

Healing Good Medicine: Learn art, hypnotism, and psychic techniques. Regularly let yourself be alone and fall in love. Let your environment be filled with romantic dreams, participate in social charity activities, and help the elderly. Weak sickness.

Although Taurus is a melancholy temperament, they are dominated by lazy Venus and are the most enjoyable wine, beauty, and food.

Compared to the Capricorn and Virgo elements, Taurus is not only an ascetic, luxury life will never be annoyed by Taurus. Taurus is a wonderful paradise for eating, drinking and playing. However, in the statistics of Switzerland, it was discovered that Taurus, who was good at enjoying life, was the top suicide. Why is that? Taurus is the most stubborn constellation of the twelve constellations. Even Scorpio and Leo are not his opponents. In this era where work is the main content of life, the distressed Taurus is not able to find happiness in work like Capricorn and Virgo, nor does Scorpio experience mysterious happiness in pain, once Taurus has developed a disgusted world. In the first year, melancholy temperament was activated. The obstinate Taurus was a typical “one tendon,” and they were not very easy to change their own ideas. If they persisted, they would cause tragedy. Therefore, Taurus should pay more attention to its melancholy mood than other constellations.

Taurus is not good at dealing with external pressures, and it is the least able to work diligently under pressure from others. The greater the pressure, the more likely they are to be depressed. Loss of material and loved ones, Taurus responded slowly, but it lasted for a long time. Taurus should not survive in a highly stressed and stressful environment.

Healing Good Medicine: When wine, food, and beautiful people cannot resolve melancholy, they must learn to point out illusion and surrealism, learn to deceive themselves, learn to change points, and not fall into dead ends, especially in pessimism. Don’t believe in yourself.

This is just a qualitative analysis of the constellation. The above constellations have depression.Temperament, while melancholia and melancholia are different concepts. For astrologers, there are many judgment melancholy way, the reader can understand is through the constellation.

In astrology, when the Moon is in Capricorn, Scorpio, and Virgo are more melancholic than the Sun, because the Moon symbolizes our inner feelings, only oneself can deeply feel. When the moon is affected by Saturn and Pluto, the planet’s power releases a lot of energy, making it easier to have a melancholic tendency for a certain period of time. This analysis is limited to the constellation, but it is not the only criterion for judging depressive temperament. Even with an optimistic Sagittarius, the Moon is on the Capricorn, the Venus is in Scorpio, and the moon and Saturn are coincident enough to make melancholy prevail. Readers can find their own birthday map on the Internet.

It’s not a melancholy constellation that requires depression. In the unconscious depths of these melancholic constellations, they naturally know how to overcome the melancholy attacks. Melancholy temperament has become an advantage for them to achieve success. Capricorn is tough, diligent, calm and rational in Virgo, Scorpio reborn from pain, Pisces’ broadness and dreams, Taurus’s steadfastness in life, and an enjoyable and happy life.

Especially for capricorns and virgins, melancholia has been ruled out at work. The melancholy and pessimistic Capricorn, the tense and self-critical Virgo are perseverance, tenacity and reality. They have become industrious and practical. They calmly think, observe and act cautiously. They carry heavy burdens and burdens. Step by step, heavy, endless pursuit. They are also the most reliable and most capable constellation. Their hearts have a strong and calm will. He will use all means to overcome difficulties without fear of hardship.

They are all kinds of people who look guilty, cautious, and don’t like to show themselves before the crowd. Calm and sorrowful characters seem to make it difficult to bring people closer. However, they are reliable and trustworthy. Capricorn’s heavy sense of responsibility and sense of authority, Virgo perfectionism and anxiety have all inhibited many of them from longing for happiness and enjoyment. They are known as the “daughter” of the twelve seats. When the two constellations do nothing and enjoy the blessings at home, the depression attack is waiting for them. As a result, they have achieved success while resolving depression in their hard work.

For me to find a way to rule out melancholy, not to say that other constellations will not get depression, under certain conditions, anyone has the potential to get into depression, only the conditions are different There are different ways to deal with emotions.

Aries: They always need an opponent and an enemy. When they win, when he defeats all the enemies in the world, he loses his opponent, there is no competition and fighting life, no long-term The new situation has emerged without irritation, making Aries melancholy.

good medicine: constantly open up new situations, whether new jobs, new love or new friends, it is best to constantly improve themselves.

Gemini: Half the devil and half the angels, the butterflies do not meditation on the earth. They need to be overwhelmed and they start their 100 projects and feel full of vigor. Whether emotional or work, when they have to concentrate, from beginning to end when the “protracted war” feeling makes them feel bored, depressed.

good medicine: often with people. At the same time there are more things to do, constantly changing the position of interest and home, an order for home magazines, children’s comic book look. Learning to enjoy loneliness is a test for Gemini’s life.

Cancer: They have experienced the impact of emotional waves closely throughout their lives. They are most adept at using emotions to manipulate others and are most able to care for others with emotions. When they do not have a safe home, not enough income, there is no continuation of incense offspring, they need a full-time psychological therapist most.

Good Medicine: Have a warm home and cook for someone you love. Learn to selfless love and give up sensitive awareness. Learn to communicate directly and do not be suspicious.

Leo: Leo dominated by the sun is hardly melancholia, but when the sun does not shine, it is the night. If Leo did not occupy the central position of the stage and was obscure and unobtrusive, praised, and confessed, it would be like Napoleon being locked up on a desert island.

good medicine: either to occupy the stage, or else you must learn to applaud yourself. Applause will not always ring for you. Learning to enjoy loneliness is a test of Leo’s eternal life.

Scorpio: Like Sagittarius, the Scorpio suicide rate is also at the bottom. It can be seen that the harmonious Scorpio loves human life and can find its own balance in any hardships. The balance of thinking allows them to rule out the melancholy in their hearts. It is not able to endure the solitude and loneliness of constellations, no romance, no partner of life is to attract a melancholy attack.

good medicine: love partner, art appreciation. Scorpio produces love for a partner, and learning to be alone is a lifelong test for Scorpio.

The most melancholic person? Sagittarius, Libra

In Switzerland, the survey found that the suicide rate of the population in the least, Libra and Sagittarius in the forefront. They are the most optimistic and most loved ones. Sagittarius is considered by the astrologers to be the most optimistic, most religious, and most likely to be a religious sign. They are considered to be typical “incentive” leaders and are born “missionaries.” Sagittarius inspired by faith has a warm and optimistic personality. They are restless, like traveling, and are knowledgeable and often “footed Inside the house, outside the house, “Wanderers ready to go out. Once frustrated, they can easily find positive life meanings from hardships and pains that go beyond physical and psychological pain. The optimism and enthusiasm make them easy to see positive meanings from setbacks and can adjust themselves to the environment. They are changeable and restlessThere is a great deal of thinking and a lack of refinement. However, the field of vision is broad and it is not easy to “hold a blind eye and not see Mount Tai.”


This makes them least likely to find relief from death. Astrology describes Sagittarius as “no limit, expansion, and surpassing”. Pursuit of the future is the greatest feature of shooters. They do not live for today. They believe that tomorrow is better than today, and they are not optimistic about the development and prosperity of the future. The predicament is defeated and they are least likely to suffer from depression. In statistics, Sagittarius is one of the longest living seats. Through Sagittarius, we can also learn their high wisdom. The best way to transcend life’s suffering is to find the meaning of life. Everyone’s meaning is what they find. This meaning is the brightest light, meaningless. Life is easily defeated by depression and setbacks.

There are also many people who do not have obvious symptoms of depression but are in occult depression. In this busy era, people tend to pursue too many goals and forget about their care. Many people are in hidden depression for many years and are in a sub-health state. This will become a hidden danger in the future. The best way to prevent problems is to learn Sagittarius’ spirit of faith, establish a sound spiritual world, and view life from the long river of life. All setbacks will become insignificant, and it will be an indispensable experience in life drama.

(responsible editor: Yang Hao)