Stress will make your real age 32 years old

 Make your “real age” younger

“When you attend a friend’s party, you will find that it’s not what your peers look like They are all in the same age, because people can’t draw the equal sign between ‘calendar age’ and ‘real age’.”


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“Pressure will make your real age 32 years old.”

“As long as you make 5 adjustments to life, your life expectancy and quality of life will be very high Great changes.”

Recently, Michael Roizen, a professor of pharmacy and anesthesiology at New York University, gave a keynote address entitled “You and Your True Age” at Union Hospital. In the speech, he explained the concept of “real age” and introduced many “how to become younger”.


The 76-year-old supermodel Carmen Del Orpheus laughs in the backstage during a New York Fashion Week show .

Control blood pressure can be reduced by up to 25 years

Michael Roizen is a world-class anesthesiologist and a top-notch health provider Education expert. His popular science work “YOU: Manual of Body Use” was hailed as the “First Health Book in Europe and the United States”. It sold 1.7 million copies in the United States in the first half of the year and was listed in the “New York Times” 2005 bestseller list.


Michael Roizen said in his speech that, as the deceased, everyone will grow old as one year’s birthday passes. This is the “calendar age”. However, you can make the physiology “clock” go faster or slower by choosing different lifestyles.

A 50-year-old woman who had long-term smoking had her lungs filled with nicotine and her food structure was basically dominated by liver paste and sausages. The dross of these things to the body, so she has a 65-year-old woman’s body. And if a 50-year-old woman insists on a balanced diet, stays away from toxins, and takes appropriate physical exercise and takes care of her body, her physical and health status is equivalent to a 36-year-old woman.

In a comprehensive study of recent years, Roizen sets out a table of the rewards for choosing a healthy lifestyle — making your real age younger. Among them, “control blood pressure” can reduce the real age up to 25 years old, “quit smoking” can be reduced by 8 years, “relieve stress” can be reduced by up to 32 years old, “concern about their own health” is reduced by 8.2 years old, “focus on sexual love The quality and quantity can be reduced by up to 16 years old, and the scientific nutrition choice can be reduced to up to 27 years old.

Take blood pressure control as an example. Roizen said that 56 studies of 52 million individuals in 52 countries confirmed that 115/76 mm Hg is the ideal blood pressure value. If your blood pressure is too high, the pressure generated by the blood flow will form a “pothole” in the inner wall of the arterial blood vessel. At this time, our body will use the “stucco” (LDL low-density lipoprotein cholesterol) like the mason who repaired the wall. Commonly known as “bad cholesterol” to fill the wound inside the wall. However, “bad cholesterol” is like a “bad balloon,” it is large and loose, unstable, and it easily breaks when colliding with the arterial blood vessel wall, forming cholesterol debris and blocking blood vessels … but high blood pressure is not easily noticeable. Therefore, it is important to measure blood pressure regularly. If an abnormality is discovered, it is necessary to intervene in time, take medicine, or pay attention to diet and exercise, and you can make yourself younger. “If you are 55 years old, for every 5 mmHg increase in systolic blood pressure, or for every 7 mmHg increase in diastolic blood pressure, your true age will be 1 year older. But if you lower your blood pressure to an ideal value, you can be younger. 9 Aged.”

Too much pressure will make you 32 years old

The United States’ September 11 incident has been 6 years old, but it still As an example of the transformation of psychological pressure into a physiological abnormality by American scientists, it is constantly mentioned.

In the 30 days after September 11, 2001, the incidence of heart disease in Washington and New York increased about threefold compared to the previous 30 days, and far away in Missouri, The incidence of heart disease has also tripled in Chicago, Kansas City, and Alabama. The amount of pacemakers is even more than twice as much as before.

“Pressure is usually the biggest factor in human aging. Pressure will make your real age 32 years old!” Roizen said, we are not worried about the pressure itself, but the body’s response to stress. When you are in a state of high stress, such as desperately working, all your state is still good, but when you leave a stressful job, you will be affected by a rebound, at which point you are very likely to be infected Because “your immune cells, T cells and B cells, hide and don’t want to fight, they will come back to help you for a long time.”

Is there a good reliever for stress? Roizen thinks there are, and there are four. The first is to make friends; the second is to have a life goal, spiritual sustenance; the third is contemplation; the fourth is to refocus and exercise.

You can control genes with five adjustments in life

In the speech, Michael Roizen stated, “You can control your genes” Its central meaning is: “The role of all genes is simply to make proteins or to monitor the effects of other genes; which genes are at work, depends to a large extent on our own.” Roizen believes: If you act on your life With five adjustments made to your lifestyle, your life expectancy and quality of life will change significantly. The five adjustments are: control of blood pressure, smoking cessation, exercise 30 minutes a day, control of mental stress, adhere to simple and healthy eating habits.

Take the relationship between the survival rate of cancer patients and the amount of activity as an example. From 2005 to 2006, the Journal of the American Medical Association, Cancer, and others published papers in succession, indicating that the survival rate of cancer patients is closely related to their own activity. The authors of these papers mainly investigated the status of cancers of the colon, breast, and prostate cancers. They found that the daily incidence of prostate cancer was 52%, and the 10-year disease-free survival rate was 48%. Daily consumption of more than 650 kcal, prostate cancer 10-year incidence decreased by 33%, disease-free survival rate can reach 78%. The survival rate of cancer patients is still the same, and normal people can control their health and longevity through self-control.

Be sure to walk for half an hour every day

Exercise is vital to health, but it is not always better.

Roizen explained that in order to achieve the best health condition, you need to do a lot of physical activity or exercise. Even if you do not deliberately do it, the body will consume most of the calories through daily activities. . According to research data, in addition to general activities, in order to maintain cardiovascular and bone health, we also need 60 minutes of endurance training every week, swimming or cycling; 30 minutes of strength training, lifting dumbbells, etc. Divided into 3 times. The intensity of the training is such that you can sweat in a cool room.

What’s interesting is that once the activity exceeds the standard, it will not benefit the body. If you consume too much calories per week, you are actually reducing your chances of longevity because of the amount of excess exercise your body is wearing.


For the average person, how many kilocalories of calories burn per week are difficult to calculate and control, Roizen suggests: often Take a walk for a minimum of 30 minutes a day. Don’t cut corners when you are busy. You can take a few walks in a day, as long as it takes more than 30 minutes. This move is simple and easy, and it can also achieve the purpose of maintaining a certain level of health.

“Go to the dog…even if you don’t have a dog,” Roizen said wittyly.

(responsible editor: Yang Hao)