Six practical psychological defense techniques

1. Learn to stop

Chattering complaints, endless criticism, are powerful anti-personnel weapons. However, if it weren’t for the ears you listened to, these words wouldn’t say to the air. When negative people excessively occupy your valuable time, “I’m sorry, I still have work to do” is a natural and justifiable defense.

2. Learning not to dispute

Negative people are often very good at all sorts of arguments, regardless of the size of the event. When you refute their opinions, they not only give the other person the attention they need, but also give them valuable opportunities to use their controversy skills. If this topic is not important, say “Maybe you are right” and continue your own business.

3. Learn not to struggle

When negative people find reasons to oppose you or make excuses for yourself, you may have a Strong impulses to find more reasons for themselves to refute each other, the result is increasingly tangled. Say simply: “You are wrong.” Or “This document must be completed some day before the end of the month.” Sometimes, “less is more”. Saying less important words will make those important words not to be overwhelmed. Spit in the stars.

4. Learn to Counteract Conventionally

Negative people are good at using themselves to make good use of the routine. Therefore, properly breaking the rules can effectively deal with negative people. When negative people complain about self-pity and complaining, do not sympathize as usual. Instead, say, “Perhaps you really lack the ability to work.”

5. Learn to discuss matters

Regardless of the strong negative emotions and attitudes of individuals attacked by negative people, when discussing negative issues with negative people, try to stick to the attitude of acting on the matter. Express your feelings directly, put forward your views, and strive for the best results.

6. Keeping the psychological distance

When you are overly annoyed with negative people, the psychological distance is actually too close to the negative person, close to you Can not fully view the person’s advantages and disadvantages. Try to separate a little distance, perhaps you can discover the advantages of him/her and even make the opinions of negative people become your resources. When you can treat everyone including negative people with respect, your love and tolerance can make you truly invincible.


[Tip] Psychologists have found that those who are particularly successful in their careers often have both positive and negative qualities. They can be as aggressive as the most active people and they can consider all negative factors like the most negative people. They can listen like the most considerate people, and they can hold their opinions like the most stubborn people.

(Editor: Sweet)