Eight strokes keep you away from unhappiness


When you vent, vent:

Do not suppress bad emotions, let them vent for 3 to 5 minutes. If a noisy office cries a few times when no one is in the office, or beats a table or chair, he will slap.

Because it makes a good mood:

Sometimes disguising your mood will make your bad mood slip away and feel stretched. Take a few deep breaths, go for a brief phone call and try to force yourself to smile for 3 minutes.

Quickly enter the job role:

The annoyance will soon be flushed with you.

Recalling Good Times:

Memorizing good times is a good way to release bad moods.

Temporarily staying out of the way:

Simply let go of everything and let yourself relax.

Keep enough moisture:

When you are overwhelmed, take a cup of tea and slowly sip it. In the process of savoring the tea, the tension is consumed.

Enjoy your favorite tune:

When no one is out loud, sing out loud.


Learn to Exile:

Some problems have no solution at all. In thirty-five minutes, try the following tips: Look out of the window quietly, or close your eyes and imagine a light and pleasant event. If you imagine that your worries have disappeared, you will actually feel suddenly enlightened.

(Editor: Sweet)