Don’t indulge your temper even if your heart is tired

I don’t want to condone your temper with tired heart

Maybe a turn, the two people who were so familiar with each other will never see each other and will be in a stranger’s way. No one in the world who will always be who, some people are doomed to be hurt, some people are doomed to be missed, and some people are only suitable to live in another person’s heart. If there is no life, the past will not come back. It is no longer perfect. Learn to cherish.

I don’t know when to start, when you are upset, you like to lose your temper. The object is often the one who cares most about you and who cares most about you. It’s nothing more than because people care too much about you and love you too much. , And because she knows that she will never leave her, she will vent her emotions and express her emotions.

In fact, when everyone gets upset and everyone feels tired, there are few people who have the right way to clear things, have choices to withbear, have choices to oppress, and have choices to vent. However, more people choose to give their wrong feelings to the wrong person at the wrong time. The wrong time is because others are often upset, and the wrong ones are because those people are often People who care about you most are just too concerned about you and have connived at your unscrupulousness and do whatever you like.

Sometimes it’s time to calm down and think, if not their selfless dedication, how can we have today’s glory? If it isn’t for them to tolerate tolerance again and again, how can we have our present happiness? The people’s hearts are long meat. Do not think that they will be cold-blooded and do not feel pain, do not think that they are numb and do not know sad people, just because they care too much and chose to endure, choose to endure.

Really sensible people should learn to be grateful, learn to control their emotions, learn to regulate their feelings, do not indulge their emotions because others care, do not want to vent their own people because of their true love. The more people care about you, the more they will pay for you. They will not be rewarded for you. They will not be thankful for you just because she truly cares about you and really cares about you. But in fact, a few people can understand them. The intention? How many people can understand their good intentions?

The person who really cares about you never cares about your past, but she will care about your present because your past has become the past, but now she must not let her down and not lose again. She has placed too much hope on you, too much hope, what you can do, or what you should do is to make yourself successful, not to let her down, and not despair.

Ask yourself, when your heart is tired, when you are upset, what kind of ways would you choose to vent your heart’s grief and choose which method to vent your dissatisfaction? Will you be furious because of the sentence of the closest person? Will you be struggling with one action of your favorite person? Maybe in your furious anger you vent your depressing long-term depression, or you vent your grievances in your big moves, but you knew that it was because you were unscrupulous because you were doing whatever you wanted. How much do you injure others, and to what extent are others chilling?

You never knew that you only knew that you had been vented, you were released, but you forced your depression on others, and you were still self-conscious and never thought about it. , never inside, just because someone else cares about you, to you Love.

There is a cloud in the Buddha, cause and effect cycle, don’t assume that everything you do now is taken for granted. Do not think that others care about you is what your last generation owes you. In fact, everything is after you The reason why you should plant your life for the rest of your life may be regretful when you bear the fruits of what you have, but it is too late for regret. Whenever you do something, you must ask yourself if you can afford your own conscience. Whenever you meet good people, you must reflect on yourself whether you are worthy of other people’s good intentions.

Don’t always live in your own world, be blind and arrogant, don’t always live in someone else’s world, lose yourself, live in the moment, live your life, taste your life, live your life, live your life Keep yourself. Human research on “hope” has been around for more than 50 years, but studies have shown that those with higher hopes are happier. Hope is not just a mood but also a trait. As a trait, it is hoped that there are two components: one is the willingness goal, and the other is the path to achieving the goal.

Many people often say that senior high school students are very hard. However, a survey shows that this view is wrong. Most high school students report that they are happy. High and high school students. The reason is that although high school students have heavy learning tasks and are under pressure, they often have hopes in their hearts. And for them, the goal is so specific, and the path to achieving that goal is so clear.


In all stages of life, we will find that high school life is indeed very happy. Therefore, we must be hopeful, have specific goals, and be good at finding a clear path to achieving our goals.

Like a song sings: “Happiness is not drizzle and won’t fall from the sky.” If we can start with these five aspects to enhance “fortunate feelings,” the more you will The taste of life comes more and more so sweet.

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