Feng Qi: “Three Music”

Feng Qi is a 90-year-old artist who has been performing for more than 60 years. He has performed lively performances in “Zhang Heng,” “Lin Chong,” “The Stage Sister,” “Railway Guerrilla,” and “Red Lady”. .

Although Feng Lao is old age, he is very spiritual and old. If asked by the regimen, the answer is: “Health is at a premium.” heart, Changle will remain young.”

Contentment. Feng Lao is very satisfied with today’s “political people, life and prosperity.” He summoned himself and his wife’s two bedrooms and one hall as a “comfort room.” Xu Shumin, who had thought of herself and his wife, had enjoyed a “diamond marriage” and had both physical and mental health. The granddaughter Feng Hao was already employed and was very filial to her grandparents. Feng Qi described herself as “the joy of contentment!”


Take it easy. Buy food every morning, and after dinner, drink a moderate amount of rice wine and then take a walk for an hour. From time to time, he sang a few segments of Peking Opera and old-school dramas, “The Empty City Plan” and “Ganlu Temple,” having fun, practicing brains, expanding lung capacity, and having fun. He also volunteers to read newspapers and help arrange programs for residents of the Community. Public welfare, leisurely.

For the best. Some morning, I occasionally broke the milk bottle in my neighbor’s milk box. To avoid being anxious, I took more than one bottle from my home and quietly replaced it. When he learned of the movie data collector, “Farewell to pay” Fang Jingdong due to “Asthma emphysema” and suffer from “prohibition” and lying alone in bed At that time, he had worked hard for more than 10 times to cross the river to go to Nanyi Village to visit. He not only consoled himself with good words, but ran in and out again, helping her lonely Dongdong shopping and cooking.

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