Wisdom of life: you can’t rush

In life, you can “catch up” and not “emerge”. To catch up with urgency, they all want to run in front of time. However, “catch” is quiet, “emergency” is embarrassment, catch up, impatient.

To catch up with urgency is the dual realm of life. It seems that both are in a hurry and they are constantly on the move. But, just in time, it’s just a bitter physical, but the spirit of the heart is in order However, in a hurry, the mind became confused and confused, but in the chaos it made a mistake. Finally, it helped the time.

The rush is a scenery; In time, it is a mountain pass, a water journey, thousands of miles Wanli; It was a burst of rain, wind and wind and rain. There are some things that need to be watched for a long time. Some goals need to be waited with sincerity and patience. They are impatient.

The reason is to make yourself less lazy, less lax, and more efficient. No cold, no cold, no confusion, is the precondition for catching up. You can run faster, you can run in front of time, but do not run in front of the heart. If the heart is in a hurry, he is gallant, distracted, and bad. No matter how far he goes in his life, there is no rhythm to say anything about it, and there is nothing to see.


To catch up, we can do a lot more. In this way, you can pull your limited life longer and make your life more valuable. Therefore, it is not wrong to catch up. In this world, one of those basic abilities that stands out from others and is different from others is to be ahead of time. Moreover, compared with other people who will grab the time, perhaps they understand more: When rushing, do not worry.

No matter how much time it takes, it is a cloud and a cloud to chase. In the end, Yunju is very comfortable, and the clouds are light and graceful, leaving endless calm and happiness. Urgently, in the final analysis, it’s like a dog carrying a chicken, making chickens and dogs broken, chicken feathers everywhere, where there is something fun to see. Really impatient!

(responsible editor: weekly bacteria)