Believe that you can let go of jealousy

We often say “Envy and Hatred”, learn from psychology From an angle of view, with competition and inequality, there is also aheart.

Most psychologists believe that 人类 is the most common and disturbing of human emotions. Regardless of heightoutside appearance, wisdom Wealth, as long as it is compared with others, it is possible for one person to envy and yearn for it; then it produces shame, anger, and resentment. Emotions, etc., mixed into the heart; serious, even unscrupulous destruction, reported complex Others.

So, uh, you can expose our inside The darkest part.

It is worth noting that there is good and bad heart. Envying other people’s sweet “romantic love” may make couples love each other more; fearing that good friends will leave their “friends” will make people cherish friendships more; friendships between brothers and sisters may encourage everyone. Together grow and struggle. However, people who admire the promotion of others, the “work tactics” and “rights blasphemy” of the wealth may cause slander strikes, affect unity, and even become narrow-minded, affecting their own abilities and creativity.


Therefore, we can envy, but we must avoid embarrassment, not to mention resentment.

First, you can switch to a Eye light. Turn 嫉妒 into wishes for others and use their success to inspire yourself. Second, keep the “more than enough” mentality to see if around Your people will be grateful for everything they have. In the end, believing in your own abilities, the success of others does not mean that you can’t succeed, and you use self-confidence to drive away your bad feelings.

(Editor: Gong Yanli)

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