Woman introspection: 50 psychological illusions to steal happiness


1. Individuals can only be changed by reality if you become powerful enough , others are none rejects You; if you can order yourself, the difficulty cannot hinder you, as long as you first change yourself, you can change your world and change your life.

2. For He Huai It is always the case that I do not meet people in the world with no talents, only those who do not know how to promote themselves; the truth is that you are not good enough, not enough effort.

3. Only when others help each other will they light upYi Cheng In the way of life, everything has to rely on oneself – relying on one’s own understanding, relying on one’s own will, relying on one’s own pursuit, life is a one-way ticket, no one can return, we can do it. Only by continuous efforts can we rely on ourselves.

4. Do anything , to give yourself more to leave the road to give yourself a cliff without retreat, is to give yourself a chance to assault the high ground of life, but also to give yourself an outstanding ticket.

5. Multi-talented and demanding all-round development In today’s knowledge explosion, no one can become a full-fledged talent for knowledge, but can only become an expert who masters certain aspects of knowledge or a certain skill. Therefore, in real life, multi-talented people are often unable to match a single specialist.

6. Disobedient Bad Boys, Difficult to Success The world has never had perfect people and things, and children who have never made mistakes have grown up to be either mediocre or to make big mistakes sooner or later. Therefore, we should moderately reduce our expectations and requirements for children, encourage them to truly face their own shortcomings and mistakes, encourage them to try not to make mistakes, pay attention to the process of experience and gain, and take off the mask of “good children”.

7, everything can not think of it too simple Avenue to Jane! Classics are simple, truth is simple, and the most useful things are simpler things. Complexity causes waste, and effectiveness comes from simplicity. Find the key section, remove excess, success is not so complex.


8. Anything you want to do to break the casserole In the end, there are some things you have to figure out and maybe make yourself very Tired, but the results are often not as you imagine. Therefore, there is no need for anything to break the casserole in the end.

9. Physiological shortcomings, let me confuse myself. Small bad can make orange more Sweet, small problems can make men more lovable, and Xiao Yan makes beauty’s face more charming. Some defects are gifts that God has given you. Treat them kindly. You will have unexpected gains.

10. There is no report of enmity, and the non-gentleman’s ancient cloud “suppresses people who are not angered, wins<a href="http://ysk.39.net/tj/yisheng/5f198.html" target ="_blank" keycmd="The "nuclear" Yu Yong "a" person, "the person who has self-improvement is better than the general who attacked the city". In life, tolerance can reduce the barriers between people, allowing everyone to communicate better and be more considerate and caring.