There will always be a day when you will be great!

After dinner from a large shopping mall at night, I saw two dejected boys. They sat on the outdoor steps in front of the mall, lowered their heads, kept rubbing their hands, couldn’t see their faces, and only saw them. They do not speak. In front of them, a grade girl about 25 years old, standing on the lower level of the stairs, speaking in a very anxious but only close to hear the sound. Looking at the girl’s dress, it should be the staff of a shop in the mall and the small leader of the boy. At the moment, he is hating the irony of their work. Cheng Gang. Next to them, there is a bustling East Third Ring Road neon, and the side of the road is <a href="" target="_blank" keycmd= “null” stands taller than a tall building that shines more than a tall one. The look of that reinforced steel bone seems to tell you how realistic the city is and how much you don’t care about your sadness and tears.

I passed from the little scene of the city, and my little shuddered, how many children in this city have dreams, and how many children are struggling and crying in failure and humiliation. I guess the girl will definitely say, “How can you work hard and you can come out one day? It’s impossible to do this now!” I guess there must be deep anxiety and self-reproach in the boys’ hearts. Those are big. All the embarrassments and illusions that the city had had had no idea where to start, and at that moment it might not be known how to proceed. There are so many extravagant luxury in this city. There are also many inspirational inspirational stories. However, this is not something that can be completed overnight. What’s more is that you and I are poor young people who have only their dreams and dreams.

I received a letter from a child the other day. It was her first day of work. When she sent me an e-mail, she was secretly hiding in a small corner of the company. No one knew anyone, no one knew her, and she dared not speak to others. She dared not offer lunch with everyone. So she thought of me. I guess that picture must be held in her hand with a spoon training I took my meal in my mouth, sent a private message to me with my mobile phone, and looked forward to me being able to accompany her for a reply. Unfortunately, I did not send her a long reply to warm her lonely and a little scared heart. I suddenly felt very distressed. When I was distressed, nothing seemed to be written. I suddenly thought of my first day of internship. That night.

That was the night after my first internship at a Fortune 500 company in 2007. When I left work, the boss said to everyone other than me: “The rest will let interns do it. Do you want to go to my house and see the super girl?” Then they left together. At ten o’clock that evening, I stood alone in front of the 36-story window. Outside the window was the night view of the central area of ​​Beijing’s CBD which was like the aerial photography of a TV. Nobody knew that there was a beautiful office building. A children hasn’t eaten yet, and are still doing unlucky forms. The intern next door rushed in and asked: “Do you want to eat? My mother brought me a lunch at noon. Do you want to eat?” I nodded and she ran In the microwave oven, I ran hot and ran back and handed it to me: “It’s not delicious. It’s just an ordinary dish.” I took it one by one. Stuttered and she stood facing me and looked at me laughing. I thought that the two of us at the time were in the office Feeling connected, I can not wait to embrace.

After five years have passed, I have had a satisfying life in this city. At night, I opened my curtains and watched the lights of the white lights on the opposite side of the building. I couldn’t help but think. In each of the panes, is there also a young man who often has to keep up for himself and keep going? Is TA similar to what I used to do in the past and I work cautiously during the day, using nosafe baby Sleeping position, not when you are awakeAdd yourself oil Enthusiastically, when I’m sleeping, my head is full of work forms? Think of these things, I feel that the city is so isolated and so lonely.


In fact, the more prosperous a city is, the more lonely the heart is because there are many lonely souls behind the bustling; A pane is indifferent and does not want to be close to each other, because the proximity will produce warmth, and although warmth can bring inner comfort, it is easier for people to lose morale and courage. Dependence is the biggest stumbling block in the struggle. .

It’s a Sunday night, I didn’t write this on an orange table lamp nor Chicken blood‘s article is just like recalling those days that were the same as many children nowadays. There are a lot of people in this city who are admiring and admiring. There are many people in our world who admire and admire. They look at their excellence. They often have no place to be self-conceited and humble, and they can’t begin to work hard. They can cry in the quilt at night. You can make tears fall on the ground with the water when you bathe. We are all afraid of the future. We all panic about the impending changes because we all know what we are losing and we do not know what will happen in the future. Every heart in this city will not be as strong as the cement building. We face the same in every morning in this city. Fortunately, we still have one night and can be used to heal.

“The shoulders/bosses that I want aren’t the shoulders/bombs that I can’t stay in./ The world is more crowded/there’s more hurry/Applause with all the loneliness.” On the opposite side of the building, there are a lot of white and yellow lights. In each city, the lonely soul and uneasy hearts at this moment are cheering on themselves and saying to myself: One day, I will be very Baton!