Meditation for two minutes: a lot of surprises

A lot of people think that meditation can only be done by a dedicated teacher at the meditation center. Actually, meditation is simple, sitting in a car, train, Coffee store,Office You can meditate; you can meditate when you walk or shower. There are only three words you need to do: watch-call-suck.

Meditation is one of the most effective things I know of. The strange thing is that it is simple enough to do this, you can start meditation anytime, anywhere, and the results are immediate. Most importantly, meditation is very simple and you have no reason not to try this simple method, and the effect it brings will surprise you.

Why meditate?

Why spend a few moments a day meditating? The number of reasons is not clear, but my favorite is the following: Meditation has a decompression effect, which makes people relax. Meditation practitioners can use this type of mind Shin Ning Bring static into all aspects of daily life. Meditation helps you to appreciate life, change bad habits, and live a simple life.

Research has shown that meditation has spiritual benefits such as increased attention, well-being, memory, self-control and academic performance. There are also studies that suggest there may be other health effects, including improved metabolism, heart rate, breathing, blood pressure and so on. In fact, meditation has a great effect, but it is somewhat difficult to say. For example, after meditation, you begin to understand yourself more, and your awareness of self will improve at an unprecedented rate.

In the simplest terms, taking a few minutes of meditation can bring you into a peaceful and relaxed spiritual oasis. In today’s society, how rare this is! This one is enough.

How to meditate on a daily basis?

There are countless ways to meditate, but what we have to do is to find the perfect way. We must know that we must develop the habit of daily meditation. The way is very important, the easier it is. The better.

1. Stick to meditation for 2 minutes each day. Simple habits can persist. No problem, you might as well meditate for 5 minutes, but No” on how to guarantee 2 minutes of meditation every day.

2. Select practice time and incentives. Meditation time is not necessarily a certain time, but a general concept of time, such as early rise or lunch. Incentives are things that you do on a regular basis, such as drinking the first cup of coffee, brushing your teeth, lunching, or coming home from work.

3, find secluded places for meditation. Sometimes, the morning is the best time for meditation. At this time, the family is still asleep and there is not so much noise. Sometimes, you can choose a park, seaside or other tranquil scenes. As long as you can stay alone for a few minutes, it doesn’t matter where you meditate. It is not a problem to have a few pedestrians while meditating on the park bench.

4. He wants to sit comfortably. Don’t worry too much about the details of sitting, wearing and sitting. I personally like to sit on the floor with a pillow under the buttocks. If you feel comfortable sitting cross-legged, sit cross-legged; feel uncomfortable on the floor, then sit on a chair or couch. The meditator usually meditates on a futon. This is a round mat with wood. silk or buckwheat . If you do not have such a cushion, you do not need to buy one, use anything Cushions or pillows are enough, and some people don’t even have anything to pad on. It’s comfortable to sit on the floor.

5. At first, meditate for 2 minutes. This is very important. Most people think they can meditate for 15-30 minutes. Yes, they do. However, we are not trying to test everyone’s meditation, but toDevelop good habits that you can stick to. For this reason, we should only do 2 minutes of meditation at the beginning. You will find it easier to begin your journey of meditation, try small steps, and make it easier to stick with this habit. If you can continue this two-minute meditation for 7 days, then you can extend the meditation time to 5-7 minutes. If you can continue to adhere to 14 days, you can extend it to 10 minutes. If so, if you can continue for 21 days , it can be extended to 15 minutes; so, if you can adhere to a full month, you can extend it to 20 minutes.

6. The meditation process only focuses on breathing. When inhaling, follow your breath into the nostrils, throat, lungs, and abdomen. Sitting upright, eyes relaxed to see the front ground. If you want to close your eyes and meditate, there is no problem. When you exhale, follow your breath back to the outside world. If you use the number information, you can also count. Inhale 1, Exhale 2, Inhale 3, Exhale 4… Count up to 10 and start again. If you forget where you are, it doesn’t matter. If you find inability to concentrate (this is normal) , then go to focus on what you think, and then slowly return to breath. In a few minutes of meditation, repeat the above process. You may not be used to it at first, but practice makes perfect, and more exercise will improve.

This is a very simple exercise, but you should practice 2 minutes a day and choose to practice after the same evoked event every day. For one month, you will develop a good habit of meditation day and day.


Always meditate

Sit down and breathe really well Meditation exercises are a good way to exercise your attention. After practicing a period of meditation in a quiet place, you can bring this habit to other life scenes:

When you feel stressed, take a minute to breathe and return to the moment. Try to go for a walk and not consider those to-dos, but only focus on breathing, seeing body reactions, and watching the around things. When eating, eat with one heart and one mind, focusing only on the food, the feeling of eating, and the physical reaction. Try to practice a tea ceremony and only pay attention when preparing tea In his own actions, he only pays attention to the tea when he smells tea and tea, and only pays attention to breathing when the tea is nearing the end. Try to meditate while washing dishes and mopping the floor. Of course, this is only the beginning. There are many ways to practice, including meditation with colleagues while working.