How to surprise yourself

1. Put your favorite things in your inspirational and imaginative room. It can be artwork or flowers that you think inspired.

2. If you are writing or drawing quickly, look outside to see the scenery or some bright colors, you can shift energy and attention.

3. Read the inspiring words. Find books classified as inspirational and turn to any page. But before that, think about what kind of inspiration guidelines you would like to get today.

4. Turn over what you are doing. Fresh images can stimulate your brain to continue working. bring it on! Tilt your papers, notebooks, or pictures upside down to see if you can find new things and what new ideas will come out.

5. Try to use hands that are not commonly used. When you use another outside one hand, it will Active your other half of the brain, so that the inspiration is splashing and unstoppable.

6. Stand up to activities, stretch your body and take a small step. Any exercise will stimulate the right and left hemispheres of our brain This also helps to strengthen attention and creativity.


7. Now that silence is gold, let your chattering mind relax. Sometimes it’s easy to list what you’re trying to do to help you relax your mind and nerves. Then sit quietly and realize that meditation can help you reach deeper places and stimulate your creativity.

8. Profoundly analyze yourself and think about what is most passionate about you now. Where does your blood spill? Where is your motivation? What things can not be said? What do you most want to express and what do you want to do most? Any thought of wanting to spray out?

With your stream of consciousness writing down all thoughts and thoughts, you don’t have to think about sentences or paragraphs, or worry about the right or wrong of grammar or punctuation. Let your thoughts flow freely. If you can easily and arbitrarily write not bound by the standard, you can bring more inspiration.