Please speak softly to your family

A female colleague speaks extremely softly, and we also benefit from her gentleness. Whenever there is an emergency, everyone is like an ant on a hot pot. When you speak and rush again, the conflict and strife are inevitable. Only she was always so gentle, whispered, and whispered. After the problem is solved, we will be tempted to use her as a mirror and follow her own words and deeds, and how close she is to her.

Moisturizing No sound. Over a long period of time, when colleagues communicated in an emergency, the tone of voice was obviously lowered, the tone was slowed down, the problem was handled, and there was no imaginative thorny or difficulty. Obviously, rushing to get rid of the use of things is not useful, but in turn hurt the harmony between colleagues.

Later, she overheard the call the female colleague had received from her family. The panic, urgency, and imperative tone contained accusations, complaints, impatience, and interrupted speeches. All changed one person. She put down the phone and resumed her attitude before answering the phone: calm, well-being , Genvin. I was amazed at her “masked face” and the rapid change of face, and then I thought, perhaps this is the true aspect of her life. She is only used to wearing a gentle mask for herself in public. Her voice, posture, and manner of doing things are also combined. In the long term, everyone thought it was true and she should be that way. We are all confused by her “mask.”

She became a mirror again and was taken over by me to look back at herself.


Very often, we are courteous to colleagues, friends, and strangers, knowing how to be polite and understanding. For Fang Hei, we say it ourselves We feel pleasing; if the other party is jealous, we will consciously filter out in our hearts. Even if you are a good friend, we will choose the euphemism acceptable to each other when expressing our good-faith suggestions and viewpoints.

Our observations, respect, and maintaining a certain distance are as if they were left to outsiders, but in front of our family who loved us most, cared for the most, and most refused to see us suffer from a little bit of grievances. However, we have shielded our patience and gentleness. Our family is tolerant of love, but we have infinitely enlarged our waywardness, spiking, criticality, and impunity… Weaknesses and bad habits ran out of restraint, and it was because we knew that love would never degenerate. Love forgiveness is the only result.

If one day a loved one leaves, the world’s unique love goes away, vanishes, and never comes back. Just think about it. At that moment, how much more pain, more regret, more entanglement should we have? All of this does not restore the passing love. So, in the limited precious time, from now on, please speak to your family gently. Rough attitude, impolite criticism, and resentment should not appear on us. Only tenderness, gentleness, gentleness, gentleness, and gentleness are the most appropriate ways for us to express love.