Never say impossible

There are always people in life who are not active in the future. They are not jolted too long on turbulent days, or they are lingering too deeply in a steady period of time. It is not despair. It is laziness. It is expressed in thoughts. It is not embarrassment or it is not progressing. If the turmoil is disturbed by the spirit, the faith will collapse in the confusion; and if you stay too long in the gentle country, fighting will inevitably forget the way home.

The self-made desperation is often more insurmountable than the desperate life. The world’s greatest impasse is: Before the arrival of hope, despair has arrived; before the “possible” arrival, “impossible” has already arrived.


In fact, in many places, it is not always possible for people to reach, but they cannot. The life that can only be circulated in a square place must follow someone’s back. One way, when it was passed by his predecessors, he only had duplicates. Affordable philosophy of life tends to be a matter of choosing and thinking about “can”. This seems to evade the risk, but it also blocked the way to a vast world of life.

Life is confusing, it gives you some, also takes away some, makes you happy for a while, but also makes you suffer for a while. What’s wonderful about it is that it looks like it is quiet, but it makes everyone live differently. Optimistic people can always come out in the limited life. No”, because they are more adept at seeing hope in desperation, capturing the possibility of being impossible. Hope to look like you are, but it is in the depths of time. It stays motionless, waits there, waits with the toughness of the heart and bright People meet. When you give up, perhaps it is also in tears, because it is just a stone’s throw away from you. A lot of opportunities for life can not be missed, but often missed.

Sometimes negative thoughts are too strong and we will abduct our will. Prefigured hints will allow us to be more geographically straight when we deny ourselves. If you’re used to standing in the courtyard, you can step on the wooden ladder to climb the roof. Not only is the wind on the roof bigger and cooler, it’s important that you suddenly open your eyes and see the landscape you can’t see in the courtyard. Unfortunately, some people have never given themselves the opportunity to climb the roof. They were imprisoned for too long and too deep by the yard of the heart. Life’s bright, they do not see.