Love Psychology: Love is not just about two people

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First of all, everyone has a child who grows up in the heart. This is certainly not a true “child”, but rather Psychology on “Children”. In that part of you, you still think that you are innocent and young, and use your existing experience to deal with the things that are happening now, so that you can make choices based on the world outlook you have formed and the expectations that others have in your young sensitive period.

However, the contact with these “children” is not always bad, but instead, Every age can be like playing and adventure like a child is a wonderful trait. But your subconscious is working on some no A. When something is interesting but has to face, this may be another situation.

If your parents are not 100% perfect parents (in fact 99% of parents are not), you must have some unmet need. These dissatisfactions may have caused problems in your current love relationship. s reason.

Try this simple and fast test method: When contradictions arise, open your eyes to the actual situation and ask yourself if the feeling is familiar. If the answer is yes, think again about when you first experienced that feeling.

Another outside one thread Yes, pay attention to whether or not you are in a familiar circle of behavior every time you are in love or with different people. Pay special attention to whether you like to use phrases like “you are always” and “you never”. Because this is not really a good habit, this kind of speech is mixed with too much past dissatisfaction. On the other hand, it also provides clues for you to find out the root cause of your own core problem.

Lost Love


Strictly speaking, this may be with you The parents have nothing to do with it, nor can they blame the first second or third hurtful fool. The point is that you have to figure out if the problem you are facing is really in both of you, or is it completely the result of other people burying it in excitement?

If you and your lover are enough Reason shares these findings together. Do not use the phrase “know why I hate you because you are like other women (men)!” but “I think our problem is not just in the present matter, but It may be because…” This way. But if this idea makes you want to vomit, then I suggest that you do not try to, or let your friends to accompany the initial problem, or to see Doctors.

When the contradictions intensify, try to subconsciously search for hidden deep-seated reasons to ensure that you are really on the “two-person problem” and exclude all other people. Close the door to find a solution together. If you can be very clear about the pure “two-person problem” at the time, you will find that it is easy and fast to handle all differences, and the rest will be ready to enjoy the sweet love of the United States and the United States.