Don’t be discouraged. Not being beautiful is actually a blessing.

An actress said such a paragraph: a woman, beautiful looking is luck, looks pretty is not belching, not very beautiful looking is a blessing.

I think this makes sense, women are too beautiful, men are surrounded by many, and there are many temptations, and it is inevitable that they will be proud and proud. The final result is None is not the same: Either heart is higher than heaven, life is thinner than paper; or Lonely and admired, lack of interest. Such as Guan Zhilin these top big beautiful women, are single for many years, have to wait until the word, when asked to know, dare love no one dared to chase her, she was too beautiful, where are charged, it is estimated which male is a little closer She was corona and she had to stop cooking.

It seems that a woman is too beautiful to be too rich with a man. It is not a good thing. This beautiful woman, like a huge amount of property, will be remembered by many good people, contemplating, chanting, and leaving home. Practical. In the past, there was a saying that as soon as you entered the Houmen Gate, you would be like a sea. You would come home with a beautiful woman who was too beautiful. Therefore, most men are very good at the lower body, but they are very sensible in the upper body. They know that beautiful women can like it, but they cannot love, and they dare not go home. Whether or not China has always been a “heroic hero” since ancient times, shortness “” The argument is.


It seems to me that the fate of the fate is often the origin of Yu Hong Yan’s expectation of destiny is too high. If life is likened to an investment, some beautiful women only look young As the only capital, the United States always wanted a profit – they feared that God had lost their own Huarong Yuezhuang, but investment is always risky, a beautiful thing that everyone can not be met, the result is often “like the beauty of the Paid off the wreckage.” What’s more, beauty is time-sensitive. The late beauty is like the old calendar card, which makes people look sad because it only reminds people of the past.

Time is the woman’s greatest enemy, and women who are beautiful will be beaten by time, and the more women value their appearance, the worse they will lose in time. Vase beauty and Wisdom woman is like a tortoise race. The guarantee is that the latter wins.

Mei</ Yan Fang sang a song called “Woman Flower” and sang mournful lingering tears. Since ancient times, the literati have loved to compare a beautiful woman to a beautiful flower. The flowers are so beautiful and beautiful. Biologists told us that it is because they want to recruit bees and butterflies. If they miss the flowering period, they haven’t. The bees came to teach them pollen, and soon they had to wither and wither. So Anita Mui sang in her song, “There are flowers that must be folded and they must be folded, and they should not be left without flowers”, but the flowers are often unsatisfactory. Because only those boring tourists will pick it away without pity, and throw it a few times without mercy; while men with genuine taste and cultivation will not be so “not pity,” they will stop and will. Repeatedly admiring, but not self-prepared, it also seems to foretell the tragedy of the lonely flowers of the flowers – always missed by good men and spoiled by vulgar men.