Failure is an occasional call

“Tomorrow is like a Chocolatesugar What taste is full of imagination; Failure is an occasional dial-in call. Trying to answer several times will always answer… “Every time I hear this song, I always have emotions. Yes, it’s not as good as it was in life. It’s hard to All things long-cherished.

As the pace of life increases, competition has become increasingly Nervous and intense, people’s psychology a>Tolerance becomes more and more fragile, melancholy , loneliness, anxiety, panic, etc. I also saw newspapers so often that some people joked: “I used to ask you, ‘Did you eat before?’ and then asked, ‘Are you leaving?’ It’s now ‘Are you ready to commit suicide?'” Although it was a joke, but It is clear that suicide has indeed become an extreme way for people to relieve pressure. Regardless of the type of suicide, one can use the phrase “a person who is willing to kill himself, and he really wants to end his relationship with his environment.” That is to say, people committing suicide often have conflicts with society.


But think about it from another perspective. Will suicide really relieve you of stress? Suicide, a life has disappeared. Do you still have the right to do something? “I don’t want to die. I want to be alive…” “Help me…” This is often the words of an attempted suicide. Yes, people only have one life. When they come to the world, they will encounter difficulties and setbacks, and they will all face various failures. However, failure is regrettable, uncomfortable, and heartbreaking. However, you are still alive. There is hope and opportunity to live. Facing you is the best choice for you. Isn’t it an old saying that “it’s better to die than to live”? Lao Tzu also taught us: “Worse, blessings, blessings, and misfortunes.” Maybe you failed at the time, but when God closed the door for you, he might open another window for you. You are unemployed at this time, maybe you will be in another outside a> A world where you can show your skills; Maybe you are in love, but you may find a better fate in another place.

“If life deceives you, don’t be angry, don’t be sad! You must refrain yourself on the day of depression: Believe that a happy day will come. The heart is always looking forward to the future, but it is now felt Frustration: Everything will be over, and it will not be instantaneous…” Pushkin has told us long ago that life is not easy sailing and that it does not experience storms. How do you see the rainbow?

Let’s listen to the song again: “Tomorrow is like a chocolate candy in a box, what taste is full of imagination; failure is an occasional call, and more attempts will always answer… “Yeah, try it several times and always answer it, whether it is a busy tone or None.