“Emotional love” to ease workplace pressure

An accountant, Ms. Deng, once sprouted the idea of ​​being tired of the world. After learning of this situation, her sister took her to the psychology clinic . Miss Deng graduated from the prestigious university law department and is the chief accountant of a large local company. He has received a lot of money and is respected. Her sullenness comes from work pressure.

Heart The expert advises Miss Deng to go to Tao Let’s play. Miss Deng is completely unfamiliar with pottery and is not interested in it. However, under the strong request of her sister, she had no choice but to look past. Miss Deng enrolled in the pottery training class and used business time to learn to make pottery. Every time after work or on the weekend, she casts herself into the pottery world.

Gradually, she felt that her life was full of sunshine and fun. Miss Deng said she had never enjoyed such a wonderful life. Before studying pottery, she always had to deal with computers, telephones, faxes, and countless boring numbers every day when she was at work. After work, thoughts can’t be contained in the annoying work and it makes her struggle.

Now, when she is free, she puts on her jeans and goes to work at the pottery bar. She can do nothing but to play with the mud in her hands.


Ms. Deng’s emotional change is thanks to “transference”. The so-called empathy is a special form of emotional transfer, which is the transfer of a certain emotion from one object to another. In psychology, empathy is a term for psychoanalytic psychology. However, in real life, the phenomenon of emotional migration is more common, and the most prominent performance is the person’s fun life or hobby.

If many people are out of work, they are keen to plant flowers, fish, play chess, and so on. However, because many people are influenced by “diligent and meritless,” they believe that these are unprofessional and playful. In fact, it is not entirely.

(Editor: Gong Yanli)

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