Seeing who is not happy may be a psychological problem

Psychology cases: The perplexity of Mr. Chen from users

I recently seemed more and more petty, and I couldn’t understand my colleagues’ words and deeds. When colleagues are with our manager, I always feel that they are “flattering.” The old people feel that they can do a better job than their colleagues. If they do a great job, I would think that my colleagues must have come up with the limelight.

I did not like this before. Very depressed, do not know how to do?

Psychology Interpretation:

“If you can’t understand” your colleagues for a long time, you will eventually increase your pressure. “Capital Normal UniversityAcademy psychology Department of Dr. Liu Xinghua pointed out that “but the root cause of the problem lies in cognition.” The perception of things is different. The reaction is naturally different. I always feel that my colleagues are “unsatisfactory.” Problem.


Feeling “unpleasant” with colleagues’ behavior, always making unnecessary comparisons with colleagues, guessing colleagues’ motives for no reason These actions will lead to an increase in their own pressure, causing emotional problems, such as Tension , irritability, etc. This outside may also cause physical discomfort and affect work.

“Someone feels painful about breaking up. Some people think that it is a kind of relief.” Liu Xinghua cited this as an example of people’s perception of this matter. Talking to colleagues and managers, there are many possibilities for this. He may be reporting work, or he may simply chat, or even admit mistakes. I think it must be “flattering” and it is obviously too arbitrary.

(Editor: Gong Yanli)

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