What happens when a prostitute meets a silent man?

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I married my husband for 5 years. Before we returned home, we all chatted. But in these two years, my husband’s words have become less and less. When he got home, he played games, surfed the Internet, watched TV, and talked to him without paying attention. Sometimes he said I was too embarrassed. Can you tell me what to do?

Psychology Interpretation

Beijing Friendship Hospital Friendship Heart Friends Psychology Division Chen Yee: This kind of couple is often encountered clinically. The wife speaks a lot and likes to complain and complain. Her husband is silent. Sometimes husband and wife consult together. When the husband tells his story, the wife interrupts and corrects her husband’s statement. Finally, her husband looks upset and turns away.


In fact, couples’ communication has always been a very important lesson and every couple needs to learn. The constant complaining of his wife’s aggressive language is like a kind of soft violence, which can make many of her husband who wants to try to communicate to shy away, and retreat to a more silent corner. The wife must understand that such complaints may be counterproductive and allow her husband to go further and further.

The husband must understand that a person keeps repeating complexThe same words, not her crazy, but because when she said, she did not feel your response. Say that there is no any response the first time, it will come again, still no response , will continue to repeat. To break this cycle of repetition, the husband should have the courage to give his wife a little response. In many cases, what the wife expects is not a solution. It is only someone who listens.

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