Chinese scientists have discovered a novel susceptibility gene for schizophrenia

By conducting genomic association studies of tens of thousands of patients with normal people, Chinese scientists have recently discovered a new susceptibility gene for schizophrenia, marking China’s research in this field among the world’s advanced.

As a serious health hazard to humans, A" psychiatric disorders, schizophrenia is characterized by mental activity and environmental incoordination. The main features, the current international medical community trying to find the cause of the disease through patient genetic analysis. Relying on the Skin Disease Key Laboratory Full-Genome Association Research Platform and Biology of Anhui Medical University Information analysis technology, Chinese scientists through a genome-wide association study of nearly 12,000 patients and normal control population, found a new susceptibility gene for schizophrenia on chromosome 11 – TSPAN18, while verifying the country outside susceptibility genes found on chromosome 6 in previous studies marked China’s schizophrenia susceptibility gene research has entered the world’s advanced ranks.


This achievement was recently published in the world-famous academic journal Natural Genetics by Anhui Medical University and A class=blue href=”” target=_blank>First Affiliated Hospital of Anhui Medical University Zhang Xuejun team with Peking University Institute of Mental Health Professor Zhang Hao , National Human Genome Research Center for Southern China Huang Wei Collaboration.

(Editor: Gong Yanli)

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