Re-empowerment of mental burden as the main cause of sub-health Eight criteria for mental health of men

Sub-health refers to a condition that is between health and disease, that is, some dysfunction in the body, but it does not affect the exercise of social functions, subjective discomfort. It is a transitional stage between human health and disease. There is no physical or psychological disease, but subjectively there are many unpleasant symptoms and psychological experiences. First, it’s easy to get tired because of the weakness of target=_blank>. Second, the brain is not refreshing. Facial Pain, EyeFatigue, Nasal congestionDizziness, tinnitus , throat foreign body sensation; Third, poor sleep, palpitation Shortness, Feeling numbness and numbness; Fourth, there is discomfort in getting up in the morning, chest tightness discomfort, neck and shoulder stiffness, upset and so on. In the sub-health field, he quickly became fat, he died suddenly , suddenly The phenomenon of dwarfing and premature death of the young people should be given special attention.

The affair, colorful and fast-paced modern life, many middle-aged men feel good about themselves, but unconsciously, there are serious health risks, many men suffer from middle age Heart and cerebrovascular disease. The biggest crisis is that these men are generally lack of awareness of prevention, known condition is not all right, or enter a state of negative confrontation, physical strength is not afraid of rest, busy with business or business.

A comprehensive analysis of the questionnaire found that there are four main causes for this sub-health:

First, a state of ill health in a healthy state p>

In the course of human development, health standards have undergone three stages of evolution: fighting and surviving forces, resisting and curing diseases, and increasing awareness of preventing and curing diseases. The problem is that most middle-aged people tend to ignore their own physical and mental health because mental health is invisible. People often pay attention to their physical appearance and even their appearance and appearance. Most people’s health awareness is still in the perceptual stage of catastrophe and physical injury, and little attention is paid to mental health. Many elite middle-aged men with healthy red light have faced the reminders of professionals and often think that “who can eat whole grains, how can it be superficial?” and do not admit to having any serious illness.

II. Hidden Diseases in Fast-paced Rotation

Substances and utilitarianism have risen more than ever. There is also a mistaken defeat and pressure in the fight, so that these middle-aged men are in a state of rapid rotation of the whip gyro, all the symptoms and feelings are hidden in the rotation, and others can only see the rotation A “Dashing” appearance, it is difficult to see if the gyro does not fall True shape. Therefore, many men who died prematurely in Britain died of sudden illness. The previous moment was still an impetuous spin.

3. Mollusks in the fashion “carapace”

Health lies in exercise, and exercise is in nature. Many middle-aged men have become detached from this kind of nature. Even the chance to walk and stand on both feet is getting less and less. The stylish “carapaces” of cars, houses, buildings, chairs, and all kinds of elites have made the body most of the time. Out of shell molluscs. Luxury food and aristocratic “fitness” is hard to remedy. The source of health is walking in landscapes and natural scenery. It is a slow-paced or even rhythmic heart walk, not crazy.Spelling and frenzied “remedy”. An elite person suddenly fell down on a treadmill, and half an hour into the luxury gym, he had just won a battle in a commercial war. He drove in joy and became the last stop in his life.

Fourth, a continuum crisis in the modern workplace

The conjoined, ie symbiotic, coexist with it. Accompanying clients, smoking and drinking, skipping breakfast, lack of active medical attention, staying up late, eating unevenly, all lead to multiple lesions, especially Hypertension, Hyperlipidemia, the direct cause of hyperglycemia, is at risk of cardiovascular disease and sudden death.


In short, those with heavy mental burdens, heavy mental workloads, and heavy manual labor burdens, interpersonal relationships trained and who have been engaged in simple, mechanized work for a long time (lack of outside communication and stimulation) , as well as people living in irregular conditions, eating unbalanced, smoking and drinking, are the key groups for sub-health “visiting”.

Experts point out that sub-health is a non-disease condition. To get rid of sub-health status, it is mainly not relying on the diagnosis and treatment of doctors and the efficacy of drugs, but on their own initiative to consciously prevent and regulate them.

In an increasingly stressful modern metropolis, members of society and family members should give men more care, not just men. While taking responsibility, men should also give themselves more care and attach importance to health issues.

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