Multinational Psychologist Reveals Mystery of Kissing

Human lips are unique.

Among the mortal beings, humans have unique special lips because human lips are directed to outside” turns over, and the red part is visible, so it is more attractive and sensitive. However, not only humans can kiss. Orangutans also stick their lips together to express information about excitement, affection, or reconciliation.

Kissing will enlarge the pupil.

Passionate kiss that allows people to secrete a variety of substances that encourage pupil dilation, Eye” God also became sensational.

The more intimate the kiss is.

Rafayette College of Pennsylvania Act Nerves Biologist Wendy Hill found that kissing can produce oxytocin, which can make people feel attached and intimacy.

Two-thirds of the people shifted to the right when kissing.

Psychology at Ruhr University in Bochum, Germany Guru Onur pointed out that two-thirds of people kiss their heads to the right when they kiss. This behavior may reflect the baby’s child” and even the fetal period, the preference for head rotation.

Men love tongue kisses.

Evolution Heart Men love tongue kisses more than women. Testosterone contained in male saliva can be passed on to his partner. Over time, this exchange of saliva enhances women’s sexuality and makes her more willing to accept sex.


A woman cares more.

Academe found that When kissing, the woman is more concerned about the other person’s tone and teeth than the man.

(Editor: Gong Yanli)

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