Form your personality from your shoes

PsychologyTest Questions :How do you put your shoes behind the door when you come home from work?

A. The tips of the shoes lined up at the entrance.

B. The direction of the direction it is good.

C. It’s what it took off.

D. A person living with you helps you


Type A: All things need to be done Prepare yourself for perfection.

You have a lot of enemies in the community and you don’t relax with colleagues. You will suppress feelings, anger and indifference, and act in accordance with social norms. However, this kind of person, the armor of defense is too rigid, and even if it is considered that something is done for social welfare, it will cause a lot of misunderstandings. In terms of psychoanalysis, your morality is quite strong with ethical values. . It’s best to remove the burden on your shoulder a little.

Type B: People who will properly consider ways and methods to achieve social balance.

In real life, he is also a thoughtful person. In the case of psychoanalysis, it is the “self, superego, and ego that have achieved a good balance and adjustment.” It always gives people a feeling of maturity.

Type C: The type of social system and rules is not considered at all, and the desire to pursue self is the center.

More impulsive and free-spirited lifestyle. As far as psychoanalysis is concerned, it is a person who has a stronger “I”. This kind of person is a type of action for pursuing desire and it still lasts for a long time. Child The character of the period. If you develop in the right direction, it is of course very good; but if you develop in the wrong direction, it will become “willful.”


D-type: The most avatar is this type of person.

More casual than the third type of person who is casually dismissed and not ranked. It is not so precarious as it is completely spoiled. You must pay attention to the coordination of the environment around , otherwise you will suffer a big loss one day. .

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