Xi’an Vitiligo Hospital Expert: Which bad habits can induce vitiligo?

Xi’an Vitiligo Hospital Expert: Which Bad Habits Can Induce Vitiligo? Vitiligo is one of the three major chronic diseases recognized by the dermatology department. There are many factors in life that can induce vitiligo, especially bad habits. After we understand it, we must take warning and stay away from these bad habits. Here we come to understand which ones are bad. Can habits induce vitiligo?

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1, preference for heavy makeup: cosmetics metal content is very much, if you contact these cosmetics for a long time, then do not let the skin Can’t breathe. The makeup remover is not clean, and the pigment in the cosmetics will remain on the surface of the skin and may even penetrate into the skin, causing serious problems in the metabolism of the skin. This will be very detrimental to the treatment of facial vitiligo.

2. Sun exposure: If people are always exposed to the sun, UV radiation can cause melanin cells to hyperfunction. In severe cases, skin damage and skin peeling may occur. , Resulting in impaired local autonomic structure, melanocyte damage, reduced cell synthesis, and eventually the development of vitiligo disease.

3, do not love sports: the skin is the body’s organs, the skin cells because of a certain excretion. Therefore, it helps people to excrete toxins from the body. When sweating, they often detoxify through the skin. If people often participate in sports, then they can discharge some waste, to a certain extent, to avoid the occurrence of diseases, especially in the office. People should make reasonable arrangements for outdoor sports.

4. Excessive whitening: But now many people think that whitening is a matter of course, but if people over-whitening, it will hurt their skin health. For example, frequent scrubs or chemical peeling can cause the skin’s stratum corneum to fall off and the skin to become very sensitive. Even some chemical elements can damage the melanocytes and cause the melanocyte proliferation and differentiation cycle to change. Damaged, causing white spots.

Xi’an Vitiligo Hospital Expert: Which bad habits can induce vitiligo? The appearance of vitiligo has seriously affected the normal life of patients. Therefore, we understand the factors that induce vitiligo. Everyone should pay more attention in life, try to stay away from these bad habits, maintain good living habits, exercise more, enhance their own promotion, and stay away from vitiligo. The invasion of the disease.

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