Kunming launched a multi-pair expert consultation, please do not make excuses for vitiligo!

The weather was hot and cold, which reminded everyone to relive the feeling of overwhelming. In the spring, the scientific treatment of vitiligo is important, but good eating habits can not be ignored. Vitiligo treatment can not be ignored, treatment should continue, many patients in the treatment of vitiligo during the use of prescriptions, and there is no scientific basis for remedies, scientific treatment of white spots is the “king!”

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Spring and summer vitiligo have high prevalence.

As the saying goes, “Remembering to see a doctor”, there are still many patients with stubborn diseases who wish to place themselves on remedies, and some patients with vitiligo are no exception. After hearing someone cure with prescriptions Identified that it can cure my own vitiligo.

In fact, the thousands of people with vitiligo do not exist. Many remedies spread even if they are effective only play a supporting role and it is difficult to cure the disease. Some remedies may even be completely ineffective or have obvious side effects, thereby aggravating the condition.

Kunming Fumei prepared for the majority of patients with vitiligo at the time of high vitiligo, a “white meal” to help restore vitiligo!

There is an opportunity for many expert associations to attend.

Spring is the peak season for recurrence of vitiligo. For patients with vitiligo in the spring, special “MDT” will be conducted from March 24th to 25th. Subject Experts Federation “Diagnosis” activities. Kunming Fumei multidisciplinary experts conducted consultations to diagnose patients’ leukoplakia and formulate treatment plans to help patients to get rid of white spot troubles.

“Most to One” Experts Association Clinic, for your doubts

[Content of consultations]

Consultation time: March 24-25

Consultation Quota: Only 20 people per day, appointment as soon as possible

Consultation target: 1. Patients with vitiligo that have been permanently cured; 2. Patients with recurrent vitiligo; 3. Extensive spread of vitiligo 4, early undiagnosed patients with vitiligo; 5, patients with white spot (suspected vitiligo)

multiple advantages of spring to help white spot to restore normal skin color

First, the spring metabolism fast, drug absorption is good. If correct and effective treatment can be taken in the spring, the body can better absorb the drugs, give full play to the efficacy, shorten the treatment cycle of vitiligo, speed up the progress of the disease, and accelerate the treatment of vitiligo.

Two, spring recovery of all things, the body’s various functional organs are also in the most prosperous time, at this time the treatment of vitiligo disease, can quickly improve the body’s own immune system or repair the disorder immune system. This can shorten the treatment cycle and treatment time, and reduce the cost of medical treatment.

Third, the treatment of vitiligo in the spring is less affected by the temperature and the ultraviolet rays in the sun. Proper sun exposure during this period is extremely beneficial to the recovery of the disease. Patients with vitiligo can be properly exposed to sunlight.

Fourth, the effect of melanocyte culture in spring is better than that in autumn and winter. The recovery time can be greatly shortened. After spring persistent anti-relapse treatment, it can also prevent the recurrence of vitiligo in summer, so the patient should treat it as soon as possible. .

Kunming Institute of Rehabilitation & Vitiligo Research Tips: If you have any questions about the consultation activities, you can consult online or call the hotline. Vitiligo wants to recover as soon as possible, and patients need to have a full understanding of the condition and avoid being misunderstood. If you are still skeptical about the condition of vitiligo, it is best to consult a professional doctor and choose a professional hospital for standard treatment on the basis of confirming the condition.

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