Nanchang male circumcision choose which hospital

Which hospital does the Nanchang male circumcision choose? Nanchang Doctor Hospital is a professional male hospital in Nanchang. Foreskin surgery male friends are no strangers to the treatment of foreskin is a good effect of one of the methods of diagnosis and treatment. Regardless of the operation, it is important to prepare before surgery. What preparations do you need to make before the circumcision?

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What are the precautions for the foreskin surgery performed by Dr. Nanchang Hospital experts?

1, select the right time for circumcision: If the prepuce has an acute infection, it is not suitable for surgery, should be done after the inflammation subsided; if the prepuce with chronic inflammation and long-term unhealed, regardless of age, should Early circumcision is performed so as to control the inflammation. If the foreskin is too long or phimosis affects the sexual life after marriage, or if infertility is caused, surgery should be performed. Of course, the timing of circumcision is chosen before any secondary lesions appear.

2. Preoperative cleansing: 3 days before the circumcision, wash the genitals with warm water or 1:5000 potassium permanganate solution every day. When cleaning, the foreskin should be turned over to expose the coronary sulcus and remove smegma. However, it should be noted that when the cleaning is completed, the foreskin should be reset in time to avoid incarceration of the penis.

3. Eliminating tensions: Since the wounds will be uncomfortable in the first few days after surgery, some people worry that postoperative will have an effect on sexual function. This idea is unnecessary. In general, foreskin surgery does not affect normal sexual function. On the contrary, if there is a burden on the back, it may cause mental dysfunction.

4. Patients with concurrent foreskin and balanitis should be treated with drugs and topical soaking. After the inflammation subsides, circumcision is performed.

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