Which hospital in Nanjing to see psoriasis good head psoriasis symptoms

Which hospital in Nanjing is looking for psoriasis? Psoriasis is well-developed in the head, which is very clear to all people. Psoriasis is a big hazard. It is also very intractable and easily induced. It has many effects on the physical and mental health of psoriasis patients. What are the symptoms?

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1. Head psoriasis is a more common type of psoriasis condition and will develop throughout the body in the later stages, with psoriasis as a head. In type-limited psoriasis, there is a marked increase in dandruff between hair marks and band-like skin lesions appear on the scalp.

2. It has been found in clinical practice that the skin lesions of head psoriasis patients have clear boundaries, scales attached to their heads, can fuse into pieces, and even can cover the entire scalp, and the dust on the surface of scales is mixed with each other. Instead, it turns yellowish or grayish yellow, and the skin at the skin lesions is bundled by the thickened scales, but the hair is normal.

3, part of the head of psoriasis patients in the skin lesions there will be many dense aseptic superficial pustules, mostly from the needle to the size of the miliary, pustules merge into each other will form large patches of paste or ring Patchy, often due to contact with friction and other external causes, so that the formation of erosive rupture. Some patients with psoriasis have a more severe itching sensation in the head, and they also cause varying degrees of disorientation.

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