Eight strokes keep you away from unhappiness


When you vent, vent:

Do not suppress bad emotions, let them vent for 3 to 5 minutes. If a noisy office cries a few times when no one is in the office, or beats a table or chair, he will slap.

Because it makes a good mood:

Sometimes disguising your mood will make your bad mood slip away and feel stretched. Take a few deep breaths, ......More......

Six practical psychological defense techniques

1. Learn to stop

Chattering complaints, endless criticism, are powerful anti-personnel weapons. However, if it weren’t for the ears you listened to, these words wouldn’t say to the air. When negative people excessively occupy your valuable time, “I’m sorry, I still have work to do” is a natural and justifiable defense.

2. Learning not to dispute

Negative people are often very good at all sorts of argu......More......

How to deal with long vacation syndrome


 1.”Entertainment Syndrome”
During the holiday season, many people surf the Internet, play mahjong all night long, and forget to eat, affect normal life. , Resulting in eye, brain congestion, whole body blood circulation disorders, resulting in dizziness, headache, vertigo, memory loss, limb numbness and other symptoms. Usually keep the air unobstructed, a......More......

Stress will make your real age 32 years old

 Make your “real age” younger

“When you attend a friend’s party, you will find that it’s not what your peers look like They are all in the same age, because people can’t draw the equal sign between ‘calendar age’ and ‘real age’.”


PHOTO: 107-year-old Guangxi o......More......

Do you know which constellation is prone to depression?

In ancient Greece, human temperament was divided into four categories: sanguni, choleric, phlegmatic, and melancholy. The classification of constellations is closely related to this. Fire elements (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius) and gas elements (Gemini, Scorpio, and Aquarius) belong to the positive constellation. They are multi-blood and biliary and non-depressive. The negative constellations belonging to the elements of earth and water all have the potential for depression, mucus, and melanch......More......

Modern people long for psychological assistance

People eager for psychological assistance

Occupationally, the percentage of workers including waiters, salespersons, and salespersons is approximately 32% to 33%. The number of people who are most eager for psychological assistance; the proportion of employees including accountants, technicians, teachers, doctors, etc. is about 18% to 20%; the proportion of students is about 18% to 19%; the number of unemployed and unemployed people accounts for The ratio is about 1......More......

You can’t be so boring

There is a Birds fly all day long. When they are tired, they sleep in the wind. Only when they die can they rest in the ground. This stupid bird appeared in a famous line of the famous Forrest Gump.

That’s right. Maybe it’s you. If the work is busy all day long and busy with stress and tired to death, after work, non-stop to go home to accompany his wife, the time error i......More......

Self-deprecating, will you?

I have a friend who has had his hair off early and looks older than 10 years old. Whenever someone wrongly guessed his age, he was tolerant and smiled: “There is nothing. You are not the first one. Didn’t someone say that? The lively road is not long grass. The smart head is not long hair!” With tolerance, it is very rare.

 Self-ridiculing is one of self-confidence and self-confidence. Only confident people dare to laugh at themselves because he knows that sel......More......

Draw yourself the ugliest

Sabenzul is a contemporary Turkish super rich whose estates and industries cover most of the country.

However, this rich man has a puzzling quirk. He feeds a group of the best cartoonists in Turkey. In a luxurious lobby, he lets the cartoonists do whatever they want to draw his Saturnian comics. Whoever draws the ugliest Sabine Zhe can get a great deal. A bonus. As a result, every ugly part of Sabenche’s is magnified and exaggerated indefinitely. This group of cartoonists ponde......More......

When good news brings bad mood


Even more embarrassing is that these troubles are very Difficult to talk to friends, who will take care of your complaints? Unless you want to behave like a spoiled property heir, or if you don’t feel lucky for your friend, you feel right.

God is also unavoidably puzzled: Is humanity too fragile? There is pressure on you when you are hit. When your dreams come true, you still have pressure. What do yo......More......