Multinational Psychologist Reveals Mystery of Kissing

Human lips are unique.

Among the mortal beings, humans have unique special lips because human lips are directed to outside” turns over, and the red part is visible, so it is more attractive and sensitive. However, not only humans can kiss. Orangutans also stick their lips together to express information about excitement, affection, or reconciliation.

Kissing will enlarge the pupil.

Passionate kiss that allows......More......

Re-empowerment of mental burden as the main cause of sub-health Eight criteria for mental health of men

Sub-health refers to a condition that is between health and disease, that is, some dysfunction in the body, but it does not affect the exercise of social functions, subjective discomfort. It is a transitional stage between human health and disease. There is no physical or psychological disease, but subjectively there are many unpleasant symptoms and psychological experiences. First, it’s easy to get tired because of the weakness of Posted on Categories healthTags Leave a comment on Re-empowerment of mental burden as the main cause of sub-health Eight criteria for mental health of men

Chinese scientists have discovered a novel susceptibility gene for schizophrenia

By conducting genomic association studies of tens of thousands of patients with normal people, Chinese scientists have recently discovered a new susceptibility gene for schizophrenia, marking China’s research in this field among the world’s advanced.

As a serious health hazard to humans, A" psychiatric disorders, schizophrenia is characterized by mental activity and environmental incoor......More......

American psychologists help you to increase persuasion

First, people feel good about you.

In general, people like to appreciate their own people. Discovering the other person’s strengths and actively praising it will make it easier for the other person to accept your opinion. For example, before you say “business”, you must boast about his dress and moral attitude.

Second, borrow social influence.

People are afraid of being out of touch with society and will consciousl......More......

What happens when a prostitute meets a silent man?

Psychology Q&A:From Beijing readers Li Hong Question from A>

I married my husband for 5 years. Before we returned home, we all chatted. But in these two years, my husband’s words have become less and less. When he got home, he played games, surfed the Internet, watched TV, and talked to him without paying attention. Sometimes he said I was too embarrassed. Can you tell me what t......More......

Study says bad mood can be “infected” Listening to grumble increases its own pressure

Did you hear from colleagues complaining about the bad work and stress during work? When a colleague is in trouble, do you listen to the color of care and listen carefully? A study in the United States shows that listening to a colleague’s complaints will increase his own pressure because bad emotions will “infect”.

Hands-on Experience

Famous in the United StatesPsychology University of Hawaii Posted on Categories healthTags Leave a comment on Study says bad mood can be “infected” Listening to grumble increases its own pressure

Seeing who is not happy may be a psychological problem

Psychology cases: The perplexity of Mr. Chen from users

I recently seemed more and more petty, and I couldn’t understand my colleagues’ words and deeds. When colleagues are with our manager, I always feel that they are “flattering.” The old people feel that they can do a better job than their colleagues. If they do a great job, I would think that my colleagues must have come up with the limelight.

I did not like this before. Very depres......More......

Psychological test: Find out your deep personality

Suppose you have a bottle of magical potions that can predict the future. Drink a full bottle and you will know all your life’s life. How would you treat this potion?

A. There is a little interest, but do not drink this bottle of medicine.

B, drink the whole bottle of syrup at one go.

C. Drink only enough to know the weight of tomorrow.

D. Only drink can know the weight of things in the coming year.

E. Keep it first, and wait until needed.

“Emotional love” to ease workplace pressure

An accountant, Ms. Deng, once sprouted the idea of ​​being tired of the world. After learning of this situation, her sister took her to the psychology clinic . Miss Deng graduated from the prestigious university law department and is the chief accountant of a large local company. He has received a lot of money and is respected. Her sullenness comes from work pressure.

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