Why do you grow hair around the daisy? Can anal hair be scraped?

Chrysanthemum near hair, that is, anal hair, many People are ashamed to open their teeth, but in fact it is not a rarity.

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What is anal hair?

The anal hair is also around the anus. a href=”http://jbk.39.net/jiancha/mf/” target=”_blank” keycmd=”null̶......More......

Three kinds of food to help you clever

Health care is a daily habit of many people in modern times. The main enemy of health care is scuba. The following three kinds of foods can promote bowel movements, help digestion, and take a shower for your intestines.

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1. Sweet potato

Sweet potatoes contain more cellulose and dietary fiber. These two substances Can incr......More......

Can sleepwalking wake up? Mistakes are serious consequences

Many film and television works have descriptions of sleepwalking, and even have a “sleepwalking killing” section. Art comes from life. In fact, many people in life will get up in the dead of night to do something unusual, look sluggish, and even shampoo and bathe, go out and shake, but white day wake up has no memory afterwards… So can sleepwalking be explained by modern medicine? Can sleepwalking wake up?


Special treatment does not drink water

What’s so hard to drink? However, it was such a trivial matter that it was really easy to say it was difficult to do it. Liang Qifang, a dietitian at the First People’s Hospital of Guangzhou, shared some of her experiences.

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The child makes water like a play

For children, everything is fun he wants to try , drink water is also. Liang Qianfang shared that if a child at home doesn’t like to drink water, he can exchange for him a cartoon......More......