Be an urban primordial?

Running barefoot on a prosperous street, drowning in small rivers in the outskirts of the river, painting in mud with mud, rolling up and down in the woods in the winter months, and jumping in remote villages. Living in a deserted highland, screaming like wild beasts in the Valley of the Dawn…

Maybe you think these scenes will only appear in the memory of Disney cartoons or childhood frenzy, but if You must not be overly surprised when you meet. Don’t mistakenly believe th......More......

Happiness is the greatest wealth

People are in New York City. In order to save money, I and the American boy Mike rent an apartment. Mike just graduated from college. It is reasonable to say that finding a job is a headache. But every day he was cheerful, and he didn’t worry about money.

I have a blue t-shirt with a simple, elegant style. I like it very much. But only once or twice, I regretfully found that there were a few Oi......More......

The sense of security determines whether a woman is happy or not

1. Trust and respect her

Man and woman are two individuals who should exist independently, None is in love or after marriage, but unfortunately many men ignore this: interference A woman’s choice of career and hobbies is only a tourist destination. She believes that when a woman marries, she will naturally take responsibility for having children and take care of her. In f......More......

Parents should learn to let go of their children

When I was studying at McGill University in Canada, my instructor, Friedmen, invited me to attend his daughter’s wedding. I was surprised to find that his daughter was only 19 years old, she hadn’t graduated from university, and she was studying Hindi. Did not inherit Friedmen’s application psychology to learn about clothing. Later, after a group discussion, I asked him why he did not instruct his daughter to ta......More......

The perfect person to work slowly

Miss Zhou is an editor of a newspaper in Beijing. Every time a newspaper is printed, other people often report at noon, but Xiao Zhou has to postpone after 5pm. At the beginning, everyone felt that she was too slow and her work efficiency was slow. But after a while, she discovered that although Xiao Zhou’s report was slow, the quality was very high and the text was smooth and beautiful. “There is something imperfect in my work. I will always go and swear until I am satisfied. So you ......More......

Trying to “heart” feel good heart is good

Anger comes from backlogs and venting is the best way. If you can’t come to a real fight, the fun of playing a little game is always wrong.

The child’s simple innocence can effectively resist negative emotions. Therefore, the privilege of being a mother is to Baby play. Close to a simple soul, even your own troubles will quickly dissipate.

Small, once-ever television person, now living in the home<......More......

Writing happy diary

“In the past few years, it seems that nothing will make me happy. I’ll give you a lot of boring things.” A boy who grew up in the quarrel of his parents told me this way. Even though her parents are now living in two places and the family has no quarrels, he still feels depressed every day, and even has the idea of ​​being suicidal.

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Do you understand the true self

“Be true to yourself” is a famous statement made by the Greek philosopher Socrates more than 2,000 years ago.

Only people who really know who they are are able to do the best work possible, and from work In the process is happy. Only in the fiercely competitive workplace can you gain your own place and enjoy the joy of success. Most of the successful people are always learning about themselves before they can f......More......

How to “see” their own happiness?


A common weakness of human nature is the desire to obtain something that oneself does not receive, but not to cherish everything that oneself possesses now. Only when we lose what we have now, we feel its precious and irreplaceable.

There is an absurd novel “Suicide Club,” which writes that this club is designed for people who are prepared to commit suicide. It allows you to enjoy all the happiness before you commit suicide. There are two you......More......

Detoxify our marriage

Good marriage relationships need to be carefully maintained. Unhealthy marriage habits can easily lead to “marital poisoning” and even the breakdown of marriage. A recent article in the US “Doctor of Medicine Online” published the most common bad performances in marriage and helped couples “detoxify” marriages in time.

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