What is the role of “rationality” in love?

A friend asked me whether I love rational love or emotional love more? If an over-rational person comes to seek my advice, I will persuade TA to be more sensible; otherwise, I will persuade TA to be rational. Rational love and emotional love, I think there is no need to discuss the merits of a good or bad. The key is to find a fit in reason and sensibility. Your own balance.

A lot of sensible people, when they ta......More......

Never say impossible

There are always people in life who are not active in the future. They are not jolted too long on turbulent days, or they are lingering too deeply in a steady period of time. It is not despair. It is laziness. It is expressed in thoughts. It is not embarrassment or it is not progressing. If the turmoil is disturbed by the spirit, the faith will collapse in the confusion; and if you stay too long in the gentle country, fighting will inevitably forget the way home.

The self-made desper......More......

Please speak softly to your family

A female colleague speaks extremely softly, and we also benefit from her gentleness. Whenever there is an emergency, everyone is like an ant on a hot pot. When you speak and rush again, the conflict and strife are inevitable. Only she was always so gentle, whispered, and whispered. After the problem is solved, we will be tempted to use her as a mirror and follow her own words and deeds, and how close she is to her.

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How to surprise yourself

1. Put your favorite things in your inspirational and imaginative room. It can be artwork or flowers that you think inspired.

2. If you are writing or drawing quickly, look outside to see the scenery or some bright colors, you can shift energy and attention.

3. Read the inspiring words. Find books classified as inspirational and turn to any page. But before that, think about what kind of inspiration guidelines you would like to get today.

4. Turn over what you are ......More......

There will always be a day when you will be great!

After dinner from a large shopping mall at night, I saw two dejected boys. They sat on the outdoor steps in front of the mall, lowered their heads, kept rubbing their hands, couldn’t see their faces, and only saw them. They do not speak. In front of them, a grade girl about 25 years old, standing on the lower level of the stairs, speaking in a very anxious but only close to hear the sound. Looking at the girl’s dress, it should be the staff of a shop in the mall and the small lea......More......