Thirteen ways to improve your well-being

Life can be happy day by day. Feeling happy is not happy in our attitude. We will encounter a variety of things during the day, and some of them are not helpful for happiness. For those unpleasant things, we can think about it or we can not think about it; for those things that are happy, we can either taste or not taste – everything is in us. We have many things to go through every day. If we let what happened outside to affect our emotions, we will become slaves to the outside world.......More......

Ten ways to give you a good mood all day!

Music awakening

The ring tone alarm will allow Neuro was injured. A relaxing ceremonial ritual is necessary, such as choosing a favorite CD, using music regularly, and a wonderful concert to gently wake you softly in the ear to bring you a good mood for the day.

Bed Stretching

Maybe you don’t believe that with a few simple steps, problems with your bed will......More......

Keep smiling and keep good luck with you

There is often a trough in life, and you need a brighter smile at this time. It is better to laugh at it than to be depressed, so that you and the people around you will be better. Doctor of Sociology at Keio University, Japan, famous psychology Tengyi also said that people who laugh often are happier.

I once conducted a survey at a women’s university in the United States to gauge whether students’ graduation phot......More......

Never say impossible

There are always people in life who are not active in the future. They are not jolted too long on turbulent days, or they are lingering too deeply in a steady period of time. It is not despair. It is laziness. It is expressed in thoughts. It is not embarrassment or it is not progressing. If the turmoil is disturbed by the spirit, the faith will collapse in the confusion; and if you stay too long in the gentle country, fighting will inevitably forget the way home.

The self-made desper......More......

A maximum of 150 friends

European proverbs say that the so-called friendship is a heart in two bodies, and the Chinese people use the phrase “good enough to wear a pair of pants” to describe the iron buddies. Today, the concept of “friends” has also become more diversified: there are close friends who meet and often touch each other every day; there are also old friends who have met for a long time but always miss them; and friends who have never met and are in touch with each other, Bo Friends … Well, can......More......

There is a woman who is happy to marry

1. When a man says he is useless, don’t go with it.

Apin is laid off and has no job. Every day, he worries with grief, and says to his wife, Rui Xia: “Oh, I don’t think I have anything to say about my life in this life. I might have to rely on you for the rest of my life.”

Rui Xia is very tolerant to say a lot. : “Okay, I keep you. You stay at home and you need to do a good job.”

Ben thought he was willing to provo......More......

Everyone feels loss or happiness

“Gold prices fell sharply some time ago. Wall Street financial predators are ready to sell short gold. Nothing like to think that ‘Chinese Auntie’ will be killed halfway and how much gold will be sold on Wall Street. The aunts will only receive the money and the financial predators will lose.” p>

When I saw this paragraph, I just met Liu Ayi next door with buying gold jewelry back. I laughed and congratulated Liu Alu as a member of Auntie. Who knows she fr......More......

Want a simple life Start off TV!

Over the years, I have been discussing with my husband about losing our television. For more than a decade, we have never used cable television and have barely watched anything other than news. And I hate it as the center of our living room activities.

But for some reason, we haven’t been able to resolve to deal with this unlucky thing. And, what’s worse is that a thunderstorm later destroyed us for us. Guess what we did? We went out and bought one. (sigh…)